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Bones Super Reds Skateboard Bearings

Sale price£29.95

Welcome to the realm of whisper-quiet swiftness with Bones Super Reds Bearings. Forget the notion of regular Reds Bearings merely buffed to a higher sheen. We're talking about a quantum leap in quality and performance.

Super Reds stand out with their superior construction – think top-tier steel races, balls of unmatched quality and grade, and a surface finish that's nothing short of exquisite. The result? A bearing that not only matches the iconic speed of Reds but elevates your ride with unparalleled smoothness, quiet operation, and durability that's second to none.

Setting themselves apart with black shields and distinctive laser engraving, Super Reds Bearings are not just another component; they're a bit of a statement. They come with a single, non-contact, removable rubber shield for effortless maintenance and minimized friction. Plus, pre-lubrication with “Speed Cream” racing lubricant means you're ready to hit the ground running, with a high-speed nylon ball retainer for added strength and, of course, blistering speed.

But it doesn’t stop there. Super Reds are designed with Skate Rated™ specifications, ensuring the best performance and durability imaginable.