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Skateboard Tools

A skateboard typically requires a 9/16" socket, 1/2" socket, 3/8" socket and either a 1/8" Allen key or Phillips head screwdriver to assemble and maintain. AT NOTE we sell a variety of handy pocket sized all in one tools that have everything you need to set up and fine tune a skateboard. From the popular plastic T-tool to harder wearing premium metal tools, some of which feature griptape files, axle re-threaders and ratchets. We also sell grip tape cleaner and bearing lubricant so you can keep your skateboard looking and sounding good.

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SKF Skate Bearing Lubricant Oil
Independent Genuine Parts Axle Rethreader Plus 4 Axle NutsIndependent Genuine Parts Axle Rethreader Plus 4 Axle Nuts
Sold out MOB Griptape Cleaner GumMOB Griptape Cleaner Gum
MOB Griptape Cleaner Gum Sale price£9.95
G-Tool skateboard Y Tool With RethreaderG-Tool skateboard Y Tool With Rethreader
Polly Ledge Repair CompoundPolly Ledge Repair Compound
Polly Ledge Repair Compound Sale price£19.95
Carpet Company D-ToolCarpet Company D-Tool
Carpet Company D-Tool Sale price£19.95
Ace AF1 Skate ToolAce AF1 Skate Tool
Ace AF1 Skate Tool Sale price£26.95
Sold out Ace Re-Threader Dies
Ace Re-Threader Dies Sale price£9.95
Sold out Bronson Speed Co. Bearing Cleaning UnitBronson Speed Co. Bearing Cleaning Unit
Independent Bearing Saver Skate Tool
Andalé Multi Purpose Black Ratchet Skate ToolAndalé Multi Purpose Black Ratchet Skate Tool
Creature Web ToolCreature Web Tool
Creature Web Tool Sale price£9.95
Sold out G-Tool skateboard T tool royal blue
Sold out G-Tool skateboard T tool orange
G-Tool skateboard T tool perfect blue
Sold out G-Tool skateboard T tool yellow
G-Tool skateboard T tool blackG-Tool skateboard T tool black
Sold out Ripcare Grip cleaner
Ripcare Grip cleaner Sale price£9.95
Sold outSave £19.98 Birdhouse Component Kit 5.25Birdhouse Component Kit 5.25
Birdhouse Component Kit 5.25 Sale price£29.97 Regular price£49.95
Sold out Bones Bearing cleaning unit
Bones Bearing cleaning unit Sale price£18.95
Sold out Modus Utility tool black
Modus Utility tool black Sale price£9.95
Sold out MOB Grip tape cleaner
MOB Grip tape cleaner Sale price£9.95
Bronson Speed Co. High Speed Ceramic oil
Bones Bearing Tool
Bones Bearing Tool Sale price£19.95
Sold out Doom Sayers DSC knife
Doom Sayers DSC knife Sale price£24.95
Modus Service tool
Modus Service tool Sale price£11.95
Independent Genuine Parts Best Skate Tool redIndependent Genuine Parts Best Skate Tool red
Independent Genuine Parts Best Skate Tool whiteIndependent Genuine Parts Best Skate Tool white
Spitfire T3 skate toolSpitfire T3 skate tool
Spitfire T3 skate tool Sale price£10.95
Bones Speed Cream lubricant