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Skateboard Clothing

Discover a wide range of clothing options at NOTE Skate Shop. Our collection includes T-shirts, shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, hats, pants, and accessories sourced from top skateboarding, workwear, sportswear, and streetwear brands. With an emphasis on quality and exclusivity, we bring you the best apparel from brands like Alltimers, Butter Goods, Cash Only, Dime MTL, Fucking Awesome, Limosine, Polar Skate Co., Pop Trading Company, Sci-Fi Fantasy, Yardsale and many more. Explore our selection and find the perfect style to express yourself.

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UK Shoe Size
Waist Size
UK Shoe Size
Waist Size
There Heart T Shirt BlackThere Heart T Shirt Black
There Heart T Shirt Black Sale price£39.95
There Heart Mesh Cap BlackThere Heart Mesh Cap Black
There Heart Mesh Cap Black Sale price£39.95
Spitfire OG Classic Fill T Shirt AshSpitfire OG Classic Fill T Shirt Ash
Spitfire Bighead Fill Emb Swirl Socks White/Black
Spitfire Venom Bighead Fill Long Sleeve Tee Black
Spitfire Venom Cap BlackSpitfire Venom Cap Black
Spitfire Venom Cap Black Sale price£39.95
Krooked Bird Lightening T Shirt BlackKrooked Bird Lightening T Shirt Black
Krooked Skateboardin T Shirt Light Blue
Krooked Multi Birds Socks White/Black/Blue
Krooked Skateboardin Snapback Cap NavyKrooked Skateboardin Snapback Cap Navy
Antihero Grimple Pigeon T Shirt Black
Antihero Pigeon Attack T Shirt White
Antihero Basic Pigeon Emb Socks White/Black/Yellow
Antihero Eagle Snapback Cap BrownAntihero Eagle Snapback Cap Brown
Come Sundown Toil Bag Black
Come Sundown Toil Bag Black Sale price£42.95
Come Sundown Toil Cap Black/BlueCome Sundown Toil Cap Black/Blue
Come Sundown Brain Power Cap Green/Black
Come Sundown Checkmate Cap Off White/Black
Come Sundown Toil Jacket Washed BrownCome Sundown Toil Jacket Washed Brown
Come Sundown Brain Power Shirt BlueCome Sundown Brain Power Shirt Blue
Come Sundown Grapnel Zip Hoodie Black
Come Sundown Split T Shirt Brown
Come Sundown Grapnel T Shirt White
Come Sundown Checkmate T Shirt Black
Come Sundown Toil Pants BrownCome Sundown Toil Pants Brown
Come Sundown Lock Jeans GreyCome Sundown Lock Jeans Grey
Come Sundown Lock Jeans Washed BlueCome Sundown Lock Jeans Washed Blue
Come Sundown Looming Socks White
Come Sundown Toil Socks Black
Chocolate Bar Pom Beanie BrownChocolate Bar Pom Beanie Brown
Chocolate Cup Tee Black
Chocolate Cup Tee Black Sale price£39.95
Hélas Dieu Grec Cap White/BlackHélas Dieu Grec Cap White/Black
Hélas Save Hélas Cap BlueHélas Save Hélas Cap Blue
Hélas Save Hélas Cap Blue Sale price£34.95
Hélas Brush Swim Shorts MultiHélas Brush Swim Shorts Multi
Hélas Dieu Grec Jeans Short Light BlueHélas Dieu Grec Jeans Short Light Blue
Hélas Save Hélas Zip Grey BlueHélas Save Hélas Zip Grey Blue
Hélas Bel-Air Shirt White/BlackHélas Bel-Air Shirt White/Black
Hélas Rayures Tee Purple/BlackHélas Rayures Tee Purple/Black
Hélas Rayures Tee Green/BlackHélas Rayures Tee Green/Black
Hélas Zulu Tee BlackHélas Zulu Tee Black
Hélas Zulu Tee Black Sale price£39.95
Hélas Dieu Grec Tee WhiteHélas Dieu Grec Tee White
Hélas Dieu Grec Tee White Sale price£39.95
Hélas Coureuses Tee WhiteHélas Coureuses Tee White
Hélas Coureuses Tee White Sale price£39.95
Hélas Cocktail Tee LilacHélas Cocktail Tee Lilac
Hélas Cocktail Tee Lilac Sale price£39.95
Hélas Brush Tee Pastel PinkHélas Brush Tee Pastel Pink
Hélas Core Football Jersey BlackHélas Core Football Jersey Black
Hélas Blocking Tracksuit Shorts WhiteHélas Blocking Tracksuit Shorts White
Hélas Locking Tracksuit Jacket WhiteHélas Locking Tracksuit Jacket White
Hélas Locking Cap WhiteHélas Locking Cap White
Hélas Locking Cap White Sale price£34.95