Shop now for Thunder skateboard trucks and skate clothing. Founded and manufactured in San Francisco, California since 1986, Thunder Trucks is the oldest company in the illustrious Deluxe Distribution roster. Thunder Trucks have a lightning quick turning response and are designed to be one of the quickest, most stable, and most durable trucks available today, and sponsor a formidable team of respected pros.

The Thunder team is home to many a skateboarding legend, and includes the likes of previous and current winners of Thrasher’s Skater Of The Year award such as Chris Cole, Marc Johnson Ishod Wair. Other noteable names to be found amongst its ranks include Toy Machine head honcho Ed Templeton, Krooked Skateboards pro Brad Cromer, gnarly street skating pioneer Jamie Thomas and asleep at the wheel Baker Skateboards pro Bryan Herman.

Thunder is the truck of choice for many other of the top names in skateboarding, and they make a range of widths to cater for different skateboarding preferences. All thunder models come in both a High and a Low edition. They make trucks to fit a wide range of styles, and the eclecticism of their team attests to this. Other noteable names on the Thunder roster include Cliché pro Lem Villemin, the unstoppable Mark Suciu and long serving Girl Skateboards pro Rick McCrank.

Closer to home, we find representation for the British Isles in the form of sponsorship for Zero’s wild Scot John Rattray, and Londoner Nick Jensen of Isle Skateboards. Thunder routinely release short online videos of team riders, and a stand out in this series is certainly Jensen’s 2012 release ‘Nick Jensen Knows Control’. All the videos relate to the Thunder tagline ‘The Leader in Control’.

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