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Article: NOTE's Woodshop Guide and Directory


NOTE's Woodshop Guide and Directory

According to Skateboarding’s “favourite” forum Slap Magazine, over 90% of skaters say the woodshop a brand use for their skateboard decks impacts their decision when buying a board. While we wouldn’t normally take Slap Forum users as a valid sample for skaters views, It does beg the question who uses which woodshop and are you missing a trick when buying your decks, do you have a favoured woodshop you don’t know about?* 

We thought we’d try and shed some light on the situation.

While there is a lot of mystery around woodshops, having some nuggets of knowledge could make it clear that some decks have traveled a long old way before you’re shredding them, brands are sharing the same shapes with different prices and why your favoured decks may have “fell off” randomly.

There are loads of woodshops out there so we won’t go into all of them but we’ve compiled a handy list of the woodshops the brands we stock use - scroll to the bottom if you’re not down to hear us waffle on about deck manufacturing.

Just a slight stipulation, some brands keep their cards close to their chests. so please take any of these with a grain of proverbial salt. 

*All jokes aside we do need to shout out SLAP Forum for providing the majority of the info in this blog -  We salute you Slap users.

BBS and Generator

BBS originally Bare Back Skateboards (understandable why they use the initials instead) and their distributor Generator are titans of the skate industry. Surprisingly not loads of information from these guys but based on the list of brands using their skateboard decks the product must speak for itself. 

BBS distributed by Generator make their skate decks in Mexico but do their printing, transferring, packaging & distribution in Oceanside California. They have been producing decks for over 25 years. It’s believed that bigger brands will deal with BBS directly (maybe with more sway regarding custom shapes etc) while smaller brands go through Generator and their more standardised shapes. 

This explains why some brands seem to have the exact same skateboard decks, in terms of size and shape, as other brands in the industry.

Notable brands: 

PS Stix

When skaters think about skateboard woodshops, we’re certain a good majority think of Professor Schmitt (AKA Paul Schmitt - who knows whether he’s a legit professor) the founder of PS Stix.  

Yes he looks a bit like a mad scientist but Paul schmitt’s PS Stix has been going for over 35 years and is easily one of the most well known and successful woodshops in the world. Thanks to this longevity but also because he was the head honcho at New Deal Skateboards, you can actually trace back modern shapes and sizes to Professor Schmitt. It’s been said that PS stix produce skate decks in the US, Mexico and maybe China although this isn’t 100% confirmed.

Like BBS (feel free to comment with other things BBS might stand for), PS Stix are a huge provider of decks to the industry, in fact Professor Schmitt and his minions claim to have made over 19 million skate decks - by our standards that’s quite a lot.

Notable brands: 

DSM woodshop distributed by Dwindle.

Ok… There’s been a lot of drama surrounding Dwindle of late but from what we could see their woodshop is still very active.

Designed and Built for Skateboarders, by Skateboarders is the DSM motto. We’re sure a few woodshops could say the same, one interesting thing we saw on their website was that they press deck one at a time while an industry standard is 5+. Why does this matter? I hear you peck. 

Well, when a shop presses multiple decks at the same time in the same mold this can create 5 slight different variations of the same deck but pressing one at a time ensures that every deck pressed is the exact same. Dwindle also mention their molds are somewhat special but I think that’s enough manufacturing talk for now.

While they’re not rivaling the likes of PS Stix and BBS they are a big woodshop in the industry that produce decks that are good value for money due to (anecdotally) stiffer decks which retain their stiffness for longer. That’s probably enough talk of stiffness too.

Notable brands: 


HLC started in 2000 in Basque Country in Spain. One of main european woodshops producing Skateboard Decks and as of 2023 now produce trucks and wheels

Checking out their website they’re open about their drive for sustainability using well sourced maple and investing in green energy and even using solar panels to power production.

These guys are a juggernaut in the EU and have been providing european shops and brands high quality decks for over two decades. They have established themselves as one of europe’s leading woodshops and now provide EU manufacturing and distribution for US brands.

Notable brands: 

Control (canada)

Founded in 1995 by Carl Savard who, after a car accident, used his compensation money to start up his own skate deck manufacturing business in Quebec. At one point in the woodshops history, they also opened Quebec’s only indoor skatepark. Considering Maple tree are native to Canada, we’re surprised there aren’t more major woodshops in Canda but either Control is flying the flag for the country.

Notable brands: 


As with a lot of other industries, much of the production and manufacturing in the skateboard industry has moved to Chinese factories and woodshops. This definitely doesn’t mean a decrease in quality but it has added to the mystery of woodshops as brands are even less likely to divulge which company they are working with.

Some people have said that quality control has been lacking in chinese woodshops but the majority of these claims are anecdotal and the truth is people don’t know about their manufacturing process not too dissimilar to the companies using woodshops in mexico. 

It is now common practice that brands use different workshops around the world to service different regions and skateboard deck types (entry level quality to pro models).

One woodshop we saw a lot of was Dailan Huahong. Here are some notable brands working with them:


Other woodshops

We could rabbit on all day about all the smaller woodshops but in general all there is to say is that they tend to be smaller operations working at different price points but importantly working in the USA, something the large woodshops can’t say.

Some honourable mentions are both Gnosis and A Third Foot both of which have now ceased trading but were both based in the UK and definitely played a huge role in providing skate decks in the UK and rest of Europe.

Check out the full list of our brands below (list up to date as of 8 July):

Note: For brands with multiple suppliers with a * after their name, any that have changed should have the older one with -2020 and the new one with 2021+ or something similar, which should make it easier to know which is the current supplier.  Also for some continents / countries who have different suppliers, they will be shown with (EU) after the brand name.

By Brand

Brand Woodshop
5boro South Central
917* 2021+ BBS
917* -2020 PS Stix
Alien Workshop* 2018+ BBS
Alien Workshop* -2018 PS Stix
Alien Workshop* (EU) Dwindle
Alltimers BBS
Almost Dwindle
Antihero BBS
April BBS
Baglady Pennswood
Baker BBS
Birdhouse* BBS
Birdhouse* 2022 (Some) Unknown (China)
Blast* (UK) -2022 Gnosis
Blast* (UK) 2022+ Quarter Dist
Blind Dwindle
Carpet Co. BBS
Cash Only BBS
Chocolate Dailan Huahong
Cleaver* 2023 PS Stix
Cleaver* 2022 BBS
Cleaver* 2021 Clutch
Cliché Dwindle
Clown* (UK) -2022 Gnosis
Clown* (UK) 2022+ Mind Dist
Creature* Dwindle
Creature* 2021+ Excel
Death Woodchuck
Deathwish BBS
DGK* (Mostly) BBS
DGK* 2021 (Some) Unknown (China)
Doom Sayers* 2021+ Unknown (China)
Doom Sayers* -2020 BBS
Doom Sayers* (limited 2020) PS Stix
Doom Sayers* (limited 2020) Clutch
Enjoi Dwindle
Evisen Dwindle
Flip* (Europe) HLC
Flip* -2020 (US) PS Stix
Flip* 2021 Clutch
Flip (Specials) Prime
Frog BBS
Frog (Specials) 2021 PS Stix
Fucking Awesome* 2020+ BBS
Fucking Awesome* til 2020 PS Stix
Girl* Dailan Huahong
Girl* 2021 (some boards) PS Stix
Glue PS Stix
Grimple Stix (Antihero) BBS
GX1000* 2022+ BBS
GX1000* 2022+ PS Stix
Habitat* 2018+ BBS
Habitat* -2018 (+2022 specials) PS Stix
Habitat* (Europe -2021) HLC
Habitat* (Europe 2022) BBS
Habitat* (Brazil) IBL
Heroin BBS
Hockey* 2020+ BBS
Hockey* -2020 PS Stix
Hoddle BBS
Hopps* 2022 BBS
Hopps* 2023 Clutch
Isle* (US) BBS
Isle* (EU) HLC
Krooked BBS
Limosine BBS
Lovenskate Pennswood
Magenta* BBS
Magenta* 2021 Unknown (short run)
Magenta* (Brazil) IBL
Palace Dwindle
Pass-Port BBS
Plan B (Worldwide) 2022 HLC
Plan B* (USA) -2020 PS Stix
Plan B* (Americas) -2021 Clutch
Plan B* (Europe) -2021 HLC
Poetic Collective Control
Polar BBS
POP Trading Co Dwindle
Powell Peralta Skate One
Primitive* (Euro 2020+) China (unknown)
Primitive* (US 2021) USA (unknown) / Pennswood
Primitive* (US 2022) BBS
Quasi* 2022+ PS Stix
Quasi* 2022+ BBS
Rassvet Paccbet* 2023 PS Stix
Rassvet Paccbet* 2022 HLC
Real BBS
Santa Cruz* Dwindle
Santa Cruz* 2021 Excel
Sci Fi Fantasy BBS
Shake Junt (Baker) BBS
Shorty's* -2020 Prime
Shorty's* 2021 Clutch
Sk8Mafia* -2020 BBS
Sk8Mafia* (Europe) HLC
Skate Mental* 2022 BBS
Skate Mental* 2021 Clutch
Skate Mental* PS Stix
Skateboard Café HLC
Snack PS Stix
Sour HLC
Strangelove PS Stix
Studio Control
Supreme*2020+ BBS
Thank You* 2022 Clutch
Thank You* 2021 Dwindle
Thank You* -2020 PS Stix
The Heated Wheel* 2022 BBS
The Heated Wheel* 2022 polarizers PS Stix
The Killing Floor* BBS
The National Skateboard Co. HLC
Theories* 2022+ BBS
Theories* 2021 Clutch
There BBS
Tired* 2022 BBS
Tired* 2021 Clutch
Tired* PS Stix
Tired* Dailan Huahong
Uma Landsleds* All 2021+ BBS
Uma Landsleds* (EU/AU first run only) Dwindle
Uma Landsleds* (Brazil) IBL
Unity BBS
Welcome* 2021 BBS
Welcome* -2020 PS Stix
Yardsale (UK) BBS
Zero* US 2021 BBS
Zero* 2020 Clutch
Zero* (EU/Asia -2020) Dwindle
Zero* (EU/Asia 2021) Dailan Huahong


By Woodshop

Woodshop Brand
BBS 917* 2021+
BBS Alien Workshop* 2018+
BBS Alltimers
BBS Antihero
BBS April
BBS Baker
BBS Birdhouse*
BBS Carpet Co.
BBS Cash Only
BBS Cleaver* 2022
BBS Deathwish
BBS DGK* Mostly
BBS Doom Sayers* -2020
BBS Frog
BBS Fucking Awesome* 2020+
BBS Grimple Stix (Antihero)
BBS GX1000* 2022+
BBS Habitat* 2018+
BBS Habitat* (Europe 2022)
BBS Heroin
BBS Hockey* 2020+
BBS Hoddle
BBS Hopps* 2022
BBS Isle* (US)
BBS Krooked
BBS Limosine
BBS Magenta*
BBS Pass-Port
BBS Polar
BBS Primitive* (US 2022)
BBS Quasi* 2022+
BBS Real
BBS Sci Fi Fantasy
BBS Shake Junt (Baker)
BBS Sk8Mafia* -2020
BBS Skate Mental* 2022
BBS Supreme*2020+
BBS The Heated Wheel* 2022
BBS The Killing Floor*
BBS Theories* 2022+
BBS There
BBS Tired* 2022
BBS Uma Landsleds* All 2021+
BBS Unity
BBS Welcome* 2021
BBS Yardsale (UK)
BBS Zero* US 2021
China (unknown) Primitive* (Euro 2020+)
Clutch Cleaver* 2021
Clutch Doom Sayers* (limited 2020)
Clutch Flip* 2021
Clutch Hopps* 2023
Clutch Plan B* (Americas) -2021
Clutch Shortys* 2021
Clutch Skate Mental* 2021
Clutch Thank You* 2022
Clutch Theories* 2021
Clutch Tired* 2021
Clutch Zero* 2020
Control Poetic Collective
Control Studio
Dailan Huahong Chocolate
Dailan Huahong Girl*
Dailan Huahong Tired*
Dailan Huahong Zero* (EU/Asia 2021)
Dwindle Alien Workshop* (EU)
Dwindle Almost
Dwindle Blind
Dwindle Cliche
Dwindle Creature*
Dwindle Enjoi
Dwindle Evisen
Dwindle Palace
Dwindle POP Trading Co
Dwindle Santa Cruz*
Dwindle Thank You* 2021
Dwindle Uma Landsleds* (EU/AU first run only)
Dwindle Zero* (EU/Asia -2020)
Excel Creature* 2021+
Excel Santa Cruz* 2021
Gnosis Blast* (UK) -2022
Gnosis Clown* (UK) -2022
HLC Flip* (Europe)
HLC Habitat* (Europe -2021)
HLC Isle* (EU)
HLC Plan B (Worldwide) 2022
HLC Plan B* (Europe) -2021
HLC Rassvet Paccbet* 2022
HLC Sk8Mafia* (Europe)
HLC Skateboard Café
HLC Sour
HLC The National Skateboard Co.
IBL Habitat* (Brazil)
IBL Magenta* (Brazil)
IBL Uma Landsleds* (Brazil)
Mind Dist Clown* (UK) 2022+
Pennswood Baglady
Pennswood Lovenskate
Prime Flip (Specials)
Prime Shorty's* -2020
PS Stix 917* -2020
PS Stix Alien Workshop* -2018
PS Stix Cleaver* 2023
PS Stix Doom Sayers* (limited 2020)
PS Stix Flip* -2020 (US)
PS Stix Frog (Specials) 2021
PS Stix Fucking Awesome* til 2020
PS Stix Girl* 2021 (some boards)
PS Stix Glue
PS Stix GX1000* 2022
PS Stix Habitat* -2018 (+2022 specials)
PS Stix Hockey* -2020
PS Stix Plan B* (USA) -2020
PS Stix Quasi* 2022+
PS Stix Rassvet Paccbet* 2023
PS Stix Skate Mental*
PS Stix Snack
PS Stix Strangelove
PS Stix Thank You* -2020
PS Stix The Heated Wheel* 2022 polarizers
PS Stix Tired*
PS Stix Welcome* -2020
Quarter Dist Blast* (UK) 2022+
Skate One Powell Peralta
South Central 5boro
Unknown (China) Birdhouse* 2022 (Some)
Unknown (China) DGK* 2021 (Some)
Unknown (China) Doom Sayers* 2021+
Unknown (short run) Magenta* 2021
USA (unknown) / Pennswood Primitive* (US 2021)
Woodchuck Death


If you want to see the full list head over to Slap Woodshop Thread.

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