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Article: Were you down

Were you down

Click here to watch some old footage of Tony Da Silva, Joe Gavin and Manc skating legend Ste Perry from Si Wilson's scene vid Are You Down. Scene vids rule and soon Dan's new Everyone film will be ready. Check that at the premiere on Tuesday 11th of December at Joshua Brooks. Splodge

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Oct 17, 2008

Static 3 in now

Come and get it. Did I mention we're getting Fully Flared tomorrow? Splodge

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Oct 19, 2008

Nike SB special Blazer and Jason Voorhees Dunk Hi

We've got two Nike SB specials in for you. First off is the we have the much hyped Jason Voorhees/Friday 13th inspired Dunk Hi and then we have the chlorine blue/ceramic orange Blazer. Splodge

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