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Although now a completely different kettle of fish Uk Hip Hop Will always hold a special place in my heart. A time growing up following what I was convinced was a classic era with rappers talking about Coppers, Blue Rizla and Stella. 

From Jehst, Rodney P or even just your mate thats had a can. Some classic music was produced, which made for some UK skate parts that always take me back to that time. Get Watching below for some of my faves from this somewhat niche genre then stick on some Task Force and get aggy.


Neil Smith - Blueprint "Lost And Found" 

Skinnyman - Till Tomorrow

Danny Wainwright - 411VM "Day in the life"

Roots Manuva - Where my mind is at

Dom Henry - "Next" 

Skinnyman Mongo Freestyle

Blueprint Skateboards - "Build And Destroy Promo" 

Misanthropic - Remixed by DJ Rumple of Blak Twang


Tyrone O'Hanrahan - "Snakeeyesdie"

Kyza - Seeing Red

Dom Henry - "Cottonopolis"

Tommy Evans - Insomniac

"Hold Tight London Vol 6" 

Klashnekkof - Sayonara 


Rodney Clarke and Rob Selley - Reaction - Creation 

Unknown Artist.


Jak Pietryga - "Yam Dat" 

Stinking Slumrock



Hold Tight London - "North Vs South" 

Foreign Beggars - Hold On 


Olly Tyreman - "Workers And Lurkers"

Broke 'N' English - Squeeze



Slam City Skates - "City Of Rats"

Rodney P - "Smuggling"


Dan Beall - Baghead Flats 

Skinnyman - DJ Mentat - When I give my Heart too you

 Sean Smith - Sidewalk "In Progress" 

Jehst - Citizen Smif

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