Tony Da Silva interview



Anthony Paul Da Silva.


Tone, Uncle Des, Diamond, Portugese Man of War, Das.


2nd March 1981.


NOTE, East, The Harmony and KR3W and Supra shop flow.

Favourite colour?

Forest green.

Favourite food?

Fruit like Reynolds.

Favourite drink?


Nev: What happened to Crewe York?

Crewe York was a group of friends that slowly quit skateboarding leaving me, Ben and Jay Malone.

Keegs: Why did you get banned from Bones?

Because Grove wanted to kickflip off the mini ramp and the staff wanted to shut the park. They tried to ban everyone because they hated us for staying over time. Matty head butted one guy in the face breaking his glasses and Matty’s face, after which Raz rugby tackled them to the floor and we made a swift exit. All we could hear was them shouting “you’re all banned.” Even Crewe Yorkers that weren’t there at the time. Probably a good thing.

Joe: Top 5 Youtubes?

1. Titanic Nek Minute. 2. Jackie Chan skateboarding. 3. Any Manolo mix tape (Keenan). 4. Future car. 5. Judson McCann sponsor me tape.

Bruce: What is the inspiration for Prestige?

Prestige is just capturing moments, not necessarily the best skating. It’s for us when we’re old and to make us laugh while blazing super chron and playing SNES in old peoples homes with bad knees.

Nano: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Probably here in NOTE. Hopefully by the sea working with animals still doing tre flips. That is where I want to be but I see myself being here doing the same shit.

Nev: How’s the VHS camera?

It is mint. The best piece of kit I’ve ever bought. Absolute piece of.

Is it working yet?

No. I’m waiting for a battery to be delivered. Hopefully it’s the battery that’s broken.

Jim Walker: Best Asda stairs story?

When Stockton and the boys turned up with cans of Skol and the type of rage only found in Crewe. Shouting “Who’s the big man?” He beat up some kid with his own skateboard in the head. Probably the worst moment, not the best. 1. Raz kicklflip dubs board break. 2. Rick kickflip the bottom one fucking glove. 3. Grove ollie top and bottom first time I met him. Fucking hilarious. In a grey No Fear carpet coat. Mongo/tightest trucks/crend/beginning of the end.

John Bell: Is there going to be a Nazareth 2?

Hi John. How’s the morphine? Nazareth was Kendrick’s Weekend in the City edit which is an annual event or whatever. Therefore there should be unless it’s Joe’s turn for a Skulls piece of kit.

Ferg: Top 5 Gables moments?

1. Trech Greg moving out. 2. Nano moving in. 3. When I lost my mind and couldn’t get in. Threw stones at the window and smashed it. 4. Mother fucking War Pig downstairs. Ken was playing Black Sabbath War Pigs dead loud while in the shower with the door open. Standard Ken horse. Neighbour came round and politely asked him to turn it him to down with the driest man’s cotton mouth. I wasn’t there but Ken said it was mint. 5. Ken power slamming Dom in a wrestling match. Zangief Vs Ryu. Just Kendrick in general is my favourite moment. Front flips. Have that War Pig.

Tom Day: If you were half man, half fish, would you want the top or bottom to be fish?

Good question. I obviously want a tail so I can swim dead fast. But I obviously want Scott Gills so I can breathe underwater. Weighing it up, a lot of mammals live in the sea that breathe air and they seem to be alright. As far as the tail, do I lose my cock? Does it insulate me?

Tom Day: If bottom is fish then no cock.

I’ll take gills. Fish head.


Nev: Favourite trip?

Portugal was my favourite trip ever. I got to chill with my dad and 8 of my best friends. What’s not to like?

Nev: Favourite animal?

Can’t answer that. Too many good animals.

Bruce: Favourite Pusherman part?

They’re all my favourites but Jed and Dom.

Nev: Did you really do that airwalk on the old NOTE website?

Fuck yeah! I always land my shit.

Nev: Malibu sweet or best cry ever?

Malibu! No contest.

Bruce: What did your first set up consist of?

The first one I went to a shop and bought was in ’89 (the year Ferg was born) from Split Skates where Tesco is now. Mini Natas Santa Monica Airlines board with a black panther cub and a bottle of spilt milk on the tail. The panther was playing with a ball of cotton. Illuminous green Gullwing trucks. Powell risers, Mini Rat wheels, I can’t remember what size but they were soft. The day I got it my friend got one too. Deathbox I think. As soon as we skated off his went under a bus. He cried and his Nan bought him a new one. Lol!

How old were you?

I was 9 man.

Nev: The NOTE blades or the NOTE scooter?

I wasn’t here for the blades. So I’ll have to go scooter. But if I had been here my answer might be different. And it wasn’t blades it was roller skates. And it was a Ninja scootech not one of those Razor japats.

Nev: Is it true you were into snakeboarding?

Yes it’s true. I’ve been nice to you so far. Move on. Ask your buddy Churchill prick face.

Nev: If you were a fruit what would you be?

I’d love to be an apple in the mouth of a roasted pig. Spinning on a spit above a pit of flames.

Kendo: Favourite SNES game?

Mario Kart.

Kendo: Favourite level?

Ghost Valley 1. 150cc with Toad or the fatties if I want to break records which I do on a regular basis.

Bruce: Favourite Street Fighter finishing combo?

Bruce, this is no new school Play Station japat. This is the SNES. A nice old school body slam when they’re dazed always feels good. Chun-Li!

Kendo: Favourite Prestige edit?

The up and coming Damo part. You’re not ready!

Nev: Best VHS tape to video over?

I’ve got The Bodyguard in there at the minute shuttle cock head.

Joel Peck: Favourite 7/11 member?

Of course it’s you Joel. Nuchi Rye. Scott Gills.

Joel Peck: Best clip you’ve ever filmed?

Jed big spinning over a gap with the best jackass approach. You’ll all see it if you watch the vid.

Switch backside 180 double set.

Joel Peck: How long did it take you to learn ollies?

I didn’t have to learn.

Joel Peck: Sweet or savoury?


Joel Peck: What’s the most air you’ve ever got?

About six foot.

Jed: Was 9/11 an inside job?

Yes. Something to do with Braintax wasn’t it. But for real. 100% USA fuelled!

Adam Mondon: Is Joel Cat Stevens?

Ferg says yes so I guess so.

Adam Mondon: Bangra or dub step?

Do you have to ask? Bangra every time.

Adam Mondon: Fat Dan Cintra or thin Brian Wenning?

Once I was referred to as the the fat Dan Cintra by one of the Callow twins. Not really a highlight but oh well.

Adam Mondon: Favourite Greggs combo?

Fuck Greggs. Sayers veggie sausage rolls are das bomb.

Joe: What’s the name of Pepsi six pack man…Mac Daddy?

Ha haha…33 recurring. For the last time it’s Locky.

Joe: Is the wizard coming out this Halloween?

Hopefully, yeah. I had one of the greatest nights so hopefully.

Joe: Best trick on the venny?

Brad tre flip nose slide or Hanz fakie front crook or Joe switch backside nose grind reevs.

Tyrone: Best Urbis session?

Every session on Urbis with a fat crew which isn’t foiled by the pigs.

Tyrone: Best meat from before you became veggie?

My Nan’s beef Sunday dinners. Best shit ever. They lived on a farm. Veggies they grew, meat they grew and a gravy river.

Tyrone: Have you always been a master guy?

Masturbator? For a few years now.


Work experience Aaronn: If you could chill with any pro skater for a day who would it be and when?

The day Jason Jessee films his part for Streets on Fire with my brother, my old boxer dogs and loads of beer. With magical vert skills.

Thank you Joel Peck for the photos. Click on them for some videos and stuff.

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