The hard stuff

Manchester skateboard shop In between the shoe and clothing deliveries we've been getting all sorts of hard wear in too. We've got new Blueprint deck and wheels and we've got the bearings back in as well. We've received new decks from DGK, Stereo, Science, Baker, Alien Workshop, Habitat, Enjoi, Almost, Blind, Darkstar, Flip and 5Boro. We've stocked up on trucks from Independent, Venture, Krux, Tensor and Destructo, we've got wheels from Darkstar, Hubba, Spitfire and Momentum and all kinds of bearings including Spitfire Swissfire and the new Bones Super Reds. There are some new vids too. Tiltmode's Bonus Round, Powell's Fun and Transworld's Right Foot Forward. Splodge

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