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Article: That's What You Got

That's What You Got

The premiere went off last night. Stand out parts from Lewis Threadgold and Mark Kendrick, but is was the Stockport heads that stole the show, in particular John Bell and Chris Barrett. Big up Sean Lomax! Big up Team Blood! Splodge 23/07/07

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Jul 06, 2008


Fallopalooza got rained off man!..CRAP!!! but should be re-scheduled for about 3 weeks time..watch this space.. after party is still on tho..tonight with The Thrust...avit!! Sinch 21/07/07

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Jul 08, 2008

Urbane Robbed

Get on the Unabomber website and watch this video of Grove and his bomber buddies killing it. Splodge 24/07/07

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