Team Tings

Jumping on the Manchester skatepark reggae edit bandwagon here is Cinch's vid featuring himself, Nev, Tone, Dom and Fred Gall. Last weekend Ben, Nev and John Bell went to Newquay and entered a comp which you can watch here and here. Dom's got a photo in the new Sidewalk 167 which is out now and Joe is on the back of Front. Tyrone is on Landscape and John Bell is on DC. Breaking News: Apollo 13 has been stolen. Tony's bike was last seen unlocked outside the Spring Gardens Post Office while he queued up to post out some mail orders. If you spot a blue mountain bike with no bearings in the back wheel, a badly buckled front wheel, busted suspension, broken brakes, tyres painted chrome and 'Apollo 13' sprayed on the down tube please phone 0161 839 7077 immediately.

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