sweden isnt it.

just been watchin idol on the tele (swedens x factor) some sick rapper from the u.k was on there. apparently he's gonna take the european pop scene by storm and i think he's a dj too. cool. holy cow, yeah kev, i nearly forgot. congratulations on your new boot sponsor, i think you could really make it you've just got too focus and set your sights on your dream. think about where you want to be in 10 years. well done man, nice jump down the stairs, awsome. recently seen some sick pictures of the gavsta in some pool in a town called ... ahhh you'll have to ask someone else, i'm swedish. we don't want dainton to take mat hoffman down there, do we? swedens gettin pretty cold now, been skating down at the local skate hall quite a bit, big park, just skate the block init. patrick melcher, chris astrom on death, joe gavin on time, kev on killer boots man. belive what you want. yeah note, peace out from sweden. hejdΠkuk huved, tony on the 31st of october 2006

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