Street Carnage results (7, 8)

The last stage was the at the Gee. The treasure hunt had the kids fiendin for product. Stage 7b: Attack the seven Ty with his s fs biggy, Ed s flippd the 7, Jarad went big with a fronside flip as big as a damn house! Barney focusd his board when he pressurised a nolly hard to. Stage 7: Bench gap Tain tookit..flip noseslide biggy out and dubl muthafrikkin flip noseslide..butters!!...grove with a frontblunt...and gabe noseslid for a dvd... Eatin BBQ was cool but putin ya life in the hands of fate somewhat...firejumpin was the final stage...the firebrigade turned up for that 1. Great days. Uncle Cinchez 16/04/07

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