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Article: Reapers, Pandas and Impact Support

Reapers, Pandas and Impact Support

reaper New decks in from Blind, Enjoi and Almost. From Almost we've got their tech new Impact Support decks which are strengthened using carbon fibre and a sweet swiss army style skate tool. Splodge 11/05/07

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May 08, 2008

Go Kendy Cakes

Mark Kendrick gets the first ever Baker skateboards advert featuring a UK rider in the new Sidewalk magazine with a tre flip footplant manny at the Bridgewater banks.

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May 10, 2008

Nicholas Pump Cage flow

Little Nick Stansfield will be taking off his school shoes for the last time and standing on his free Landscape skateboards in free Emerica trainers. Well done sonnage. Splodge 12/05/07

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