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Article: NOTE Olympics 2010 this Sunday

NOTE Olympics 2010 this Sunday

NOTE Olympics 2010 Forget your X Games, Street League, Tampa Pro, NASS, War Of The Roses, UK Champs and Battle At The Berrics. There is only one true test of skateboarding supremacy and that is the NOTE Olympics! Blood, sweat and beers will spill as we find out who is the fastest, can reach the furthest and get the highest. For 2010 they will be held this Sunday 5th September at Platt Fields skate stadium. So grab your board, bike, blades, ball, barbeque and a few beverages and we'll see you there for what promises to be one of the worst organised but most fun sporting events ever. If you've no idea what we're on about then watch what happened last year. Big up eS, Etnies and Shiner Distribution who will be providing the prizes this year.

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Sep 09, 2010

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