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We're proud to announce our latest full length video "Lunch Break" By Mike Busko and Joe Gavin Will be premiered on April the 19th at Green Arches - 11 Red Bank, GQ, M4 4FE. Starting from 7pm.

Two and a half years of hard work on the streets to keep the Manchester's tradition of scene video's alive. 

Featuring Full time Workers, Long time Lurkers and a big chunk of the Manchester skate scene, Were happy to bring this out and hope you can join us for some good times, we've even teamed up with Green Arches Brewery for a special "Lunch Break" IPA to sup while DJ Omas sets the vibe.

On behalf of everyone at NOTE we would like to give a massive thank you to Mike for his determination and unwavering patience especially after welcoming his twin daughters last November. 

Stay tuned for more info dropping soon.

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This is awesome 😃 look forward to seeing it. Have shopped with you guys for years – thank you for everything you do. J

Jamie Hyland

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