KR3W Best Of contest

Manchester skateboard shop From June 2009 KR3W Apparel will organize the Ç KR3W Best Of Contest È in partnership with select european retailers. The events will take place in ten cities across four countries. The contest is open to all non-sponsored skaters of all ethnic, religious, gender, socio economic, and sexual orientations. The concept is simple and free: Every skater films his/her/its best trick in any format (videocamera, photocamera, mobile phone) and brings it to his/her/its local skate shop on the dates of the contest. The contest participants will watch the videos together and vote on the best trick. The winner of each session will leave his local shop with a KR3W package and his trick will be published on After all local contest results are in, an international online vote will follow to elect the 3 best tricks. The grand prize winner of Ç KR3W Best Of Contest È will receive free KR3W clothes for an entire year! Kr3w Best Of, Dates: * Kr3w Best Of flat trick: Friday, June 19th 2009 * Kr3w Best Of gap/rail trick: Friday, July 31th, 2009 * Kr3w Best Of curb trick: Friday, August 28th, 2009

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