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Article: Heaps of hardware

Heaps of hardware

Real Fos deck Schools out for summer so celebrate with a fresh whip. We've just had decks in from Girl, Chocolate, Flip, Baker, Zoo York and a special limited and numbered Real deck designed by Fos. Plenty of trucks and wheels too including pro Spitfire wheels for Howard Cooke and Stu Graham. We've also got loads of freebies to give away to our favourite customers. If you haven't got any dough just come in anyhow and check the sick new promo DVD we've got on loop downstairs from Stereo. Splodge 20/07/07

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Jul 04, 2008

Nike SB MF DOOM Dunk high release date

Next Friday the 27th of July we will be putting the highly anticipated Nike SB MF DOOM Dunk high on sale. If you want a pair don't hang around these are very limited. Splodge 20/07/07

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Jul 06, 2008


Fallopalooza got rained off man!..CRAP!!! but should be re-scheduled for about 3 weeks time..watch this space.. after party is still on tho..tonight with The Thrust...avit!! Sinch 21/07/07

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