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Article: Converse CONS x Quartersnacks


Converse CONS x Quartersnacks

In 2005, Quartersnacks carved its niche within the skate scene of Tompkins Square Park, swiftly evolving into a countercultural symbol for skateboarders not just in New York City, but around the globe. This unique narrative finds its latest expression in the Quartersnacks One Star Pro by Converse—skate shoes that pay homage to the archival designs of Converse and the golden era of NYC skateboarding, reimagined through the Quartersnacks lens. 

Does that sound like a bunch of marketing mumbo jumbo? Yes. Are the shoes still very very good? Also yes.

Reimagined for skateboarding, the One Star Pro retains the classic contours of its original design while incorporating Quartersnacks' signature art and stylistic elements with its supple teasel suede upper. Its design, adorned with custom Quartersnacks art, nods to the audacious style of snake-skin accents and athletic graphics that dominated the 90s. Adorned with thick laces, snake-skin accents, sporty graphics, and Quartersnacks' distinctive credo, the Quartersnacks One Star Pro is a tribute to a legendary time. 

Peruse the collection, have a gander at the lookbook and try to decide which colourway you prefer best.


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