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Dan Cintra is a well known part of the weight lifting scene in Manchester he also is a frequent user of some of Manchester's finest tanning salons. When he's not doing this or working in NOTE he is also a big player in the skate scene whether he's making videos or scaring kids at the pump cage Dan Cintra gets down! I caught up with Cinch to find out a bit more about his crazy life. 580488085_619b5180d6 So Cinch, how does it feel to be the most tanned skater in town? errrrrrrrrr....dunno feels pretty good. Just came back from a free holiday in Nerja in like Spain. I tanned the hell out of it errr like. What's the jazziest garment you own? It's probably my custom made Nike Air Max 90s Tungsten 3 addition. But my slip on Guccis are still real dapper errr. MySpaceGens_3626883134 Joe Gavin

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