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Article: And ooo ahhh i have completed

And ooo ahhh i have completed

My new park piece. Its short but sweet, filmed in the 2 manc undercover ply play plazzas. It up on you tube as we speak. click this leenk to watch Bruce n bees and the youth rep strark hard blud. I WANNA CHECK THE LITTLE PARK PIECE BEEG ONKL SEEENCH 26/02/07

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Mar 14, 2008

Tony Da Silva footage

If you haven't already got it, get yourself a copy of the new Kingpin mag because it comes with a euro DC DVD with some hot moves from the Portugese man of war, Tony D. Splodge 20/02/07

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Mar 16, 2008

Fallen shoes have dropped

New in and exclusive to NOTE in Manchester are the latest shoes from Fallen footwear which include some tidy pro models from Jamie Thomas and Chris Cole. Splodge 27/02/07

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