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Article: Allen Key

Allen Key

Issue 1 of Joe and Jim's Allen Key zine was an amazing success with all 5 copies being snapped up. If you weren't lucky enough to grab one you can still check it out on Jim's website. The finishing touches are just being put to issue 2 so it should be ready this afternoon. Get down NOTE and get one quick. Splodge 30/03/07

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Apr 05, 2008

Enter the Holla Bone

Adam Leishman's been keeping it gangster for time on his website. Regular updates, video clips and grill ov da week. Enter it and bookmark that shit because you'll want to go back. Splodge 29/03/07

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Apr 07, 2008

The Harmony video teaser

If you want to see the promo for the new flick from The Harmony get over to their website and click on the speech bubble coming out of Eddie B's gob. Splodge 30/03/07

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