Where are you from?
South Manchester
What got you into skating?
My Mum and Dad
How's life in Brighton different to Mcr?
Brighton is way smaller so the scene is pretty tightly knit. Street skating is a lot more of a mission but it's got some banging hills and quirky seaside town spots. The level skatepark is kinda infamous for its history of lurkers, for a little while not much was really happening but filmers like Al Hodgson have been putting out some amazing edits over the past few years which I've been lucky enough to be involved in before moving back up north. Also loads of guys who I grew up with have been smashing it elsewhere. 
What are you studying at uni and what do you plan on doing after?
I'm in my last year of studying Filmmaking. Recently I've been collaborating with Joe Pilkington (my housemate) creating low budget animated/live action music videos for Mcr based artists, so i'll be continuing to do that as much as I can. The real ambition is to work on experimental narrative films which are influenced by all my favourite directors. I'm primarily a sound designer/foley artist but I've recently been working on writing a short film with my housemate which has been really fun.
Send us a link to your fave piece of work and talk us through it.
Myself and my housemate have known these guys Motto Estate for a little while now. There are 9 of them collectively from all 4 corners of the UK pretty much, so they already have a unique sound, we hadn't realised how talented they all are as individuals let alone as a group, so we'd been hyped on making a video for them for quite a while. This was a proper improvisational shoot which was pretty limited by Covid as well, which felt a lot like filming a skate vid. They were hyped on the finished product which was a big relief, we plan on working together on some more videos in the near future. 
How's it been filming for the NOTE video?
It's been great, filming with Joe and everyone is always sick time (especially as winter starts). It's surreal at times as a lot of these heads have known me since I was 7 and when I first moved back up, most of them hadn't seen me in like 10 years. But overall it's ace. Hyped to see the video - Everyones been smashing it!
What's that face thing I see on your grip sometimes?
The face is a tag that I did loads while I was living in Brighton under the pseudonym ‘momento di dormire’. I ended up making a 30 minute skate video of all the Brighton crew before I left which we put out through vague mag called subliminal sleep . Nowadays I use it as my platform for all my creative work in music, film, etc. The main focus over this year has been music videos and promoting it as a kind of collective production firm. (@mddpkt)
What's the best wall ride ever done you think?
Jake Johnson - the brick double set in mindfield 
I've literally never seen you eat anything. What's your cooking game saying? Best dish?
Weak as fuck, I have a fear of cooking which my girlfriend has been helping me with during Lockdown 2 haha. Right now the most impressive thing I can make is enchiladas. However starting to go veggie is quite hard when you are as clueless as me.
How do you think Covid has impacted your uni experience this year?
Covid has been a real ball ache, we don’t get much access to the same resources which we had in the previous 2 years. Which means it's been very stagnant. Relying on Zoom/Skype calls constantly. I have been able to book out camera/sound equipment for personal/external projects which has been a bit of a life saver. Fingers crossed things will chill out once winter is out of the way. I have been lucky enough to live with a load of legends and my girlfriend so its ended up being really nice.
Best trick you've ever seen at platts?
Any footage of paddy in blades in vibeseekers 3.5 or something
Top Three - Skaters
Jake Johnson
Max Palmer
Dougie George 
Haruomi Hosono
Digable Planets
Alan Partridge
Family n Friends (all of em)
Abbas Kiarostami
Jean-Michel Basquiat
Andrei Tarkovsky 
See more of Zane in the new NOTE full legnth video coming soon. Or give him a follow @zanecrowther
Photo's and interview by Joe Gavin

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