Manchester skateboarding was very different at the end of the nineties to what it is today. The scene was small, swarms of skaters at street spots dispersed, rollerbladers outnumbered skaters at skateparks and there wasn’t a single shop dedicated to selling skateboards in the whole of Greater Manchester. In the summer of 1999 we decided something had to be done and opened NOTE skateboard shop.

The shop proved popular from the get-go and from modest beginnings the business grew as we worked hard on fulfilling the demand for skateboards in the area. We started a team with Tony Da Silva, Ben Grove and Joe Gavin, and produced videos showcasing the style, creativity and productivity of Mancunian skateboarding. As the reputation of our scene developed we have had the honour of hosting many tours, signings, demos and premieres with the best skateboard companies and professional skateboarders from around the world. Such events are now regularly uniting skaters and the scale of them make you realise how big skateboarding in Manchester has become.

34 Tib Street in Manchester’s Northern Quarter became the permanent home of NOTE skateboard shop after a few years in Afflecks Palace and Bones. The focus of the shop is high quality skateboard hardware and with hundreds of decks, trucks, wheels and accessories in this location you won’t find a better stocked skate shop in the UK; but we like to think of NOTE as more than just somewhere to buy stuff. It is a place to lurk, watch videos, read magazines, fix your set-up, meet friends, shelter from rain showers and share the love of skateboarding.

All the workers in this shop have years of skateboard experience and are extremely knowledgable about the equipment we sell. We’re happy to assemble a skateboard for you free of charge and if you need any help choosing or maintaining a skateboard or want to know about any of Manchester’s skate spots just come in and ask.

Contact Details & Opening Times

Phone: 0161 839 7077

Monday - Saturday: 10am - 6:30pm
Sunday: 11am - 5pm
Bank Holidays: 11am - 5pm

New Year's Day: Closed
Easter Sunday: Closed
Christmas Day: Closed
Boxing Day: Closed