Nike SB 15 Years of Dunk

The turn of 2017 has signalled the 15th anniversary for one of Nike SB's most iconic shoes, the Dunk. From Gino Iannucci to Reese Forbes and Lewis Marnell, so many legends have repped this shoe so hard in a variety of videos, it is hard to ignore its prominence in skateboarding ciulture.

This presence can definitely be felt in the edit Nike SB have just released to showcase skaters repping the Dunk since 2002. Watch below for some powerful skating from the likes of Paul Rodriguez, Gino Iannucci, Reese Forbes, Grant Taylor,  and Wieger van Wageningen, before Lewis Marnell, one of the Dunk's most fervent representatives, fittingly brings the edit to a close.

Nike have also created a dedicated page providing some background on various Dunk's from their archive, footage of them, and ads from over the years, and is definitely worth a visit. There's going to be three new Dunks released to celebrate 15 years, and they should be getting released in the very near future.

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