The Broke'n'£nglish Ballin' on a budget two Pound Party!

Manchester skateboard shop All these dubstep nights in Manchester are cool but where do you go if you want to party like it's 1999? Where do you go if you want to ball on a budget and get lashed on the cheap with good mates, good music and NO ketamine? You go to the Mint Lounge on the 18th of this month-thats where! Yeah it's short notice but so's 2 quid to get in, there is gonna be top music, guest performances, drinks deals, giveaways and dancing. Music on the night: Party music! What else do you need to know? Hiphop, reggae, garage and everything in between, what this city has been missing for a while now! We want to put the fun back in disfunctional and throw a party in a club for everyone to enjoy-come down! If you are on it, just leave a message on the event wall so we know who's ready to ball out of control! Let's show the freshers where the real party is at! Oh yeah, LADIES, for you......this event is FREE! Bring ya mates. We will be giving away free broke'n'£nglish vinyl on the night so bring a placcy bag. Our favourite drink (Rum) will be on special offer alllll night! The vibe will be nice and the dancefloor will be steamy. Am I missing anything? No? Ok I now announce that this party will be in full effect-we hope you will be too! Blaow! Event sponsored by Carhartt and NOTE. FREE TSHIRT GIVEAWAYS-FREE DRINKS-FREE MUSIC Ball out of control (on a budget). Strategy