Stella Supply Co

Buy Stella Supply Co skateboard hardware and bearings. Stella Supply Co is the UK’s premier skateboard hardware manufacturer. It was launched in South London by Joleon Pressey and Mark ‘Fos’ Foster of Landscape and Heroin Skateboards fame respectively. Stella Supply Co produce bolts, bearings and clothing, and sponsor a top notch team of UK shredders from around the country.

Stella is named after Pressey’s iconic dog, who has featured in numerous London skateboarding videos alongside Joey himself. A photograph of Stella adorns the packaging of all Stella Supply Co hardware products. Stella Supply Co are a self-pronounced Rude Manufacturer of the Tightest Hardware.

The dream team of sponsored riders includes among others Note’s own Joe Gavin, globe-trotting Londoner Benny Fairfax, smooth operator Rory Milanes, big popper Karim Bahkthoui, the infamous Craig Questions and many more. Others involved in the Stella operation are Pressey’s joint head honcho at Landscape Daniel ‘Snowy’ Kinloch, Bristol’s legendary Will Ainley, the Prince of London skateboarding Nick Jensen and Palace Skateboards professionals Lucien Clarke and Olly Todd.

In 2011, Stella Supply Co released an online promo video produced by respected London skateboarding videographer Henry Edwards-Wood, otherwise known as Hold Tight Henry. The video featured heavy manoeuvres from much of the assembled team, cut together with high definition shots of Stella’s canine lifestyle and the rough and tumble interactions with security guards that can occur when skating the city of London. Stella Supply Co are up from South London and up for skateboarding.

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