Shop now for Flip skateboard decks, wheels, t-shirts and hoods. Flip Skateboards is one of the biggest and most loved skateboard companies in the game. Its roots are British through and through – originally named Deathbox and founded in England in 1991, the company changed its name to Flip and later relocated to California in July 1994. It is co-owned by Jeremy Fox and Liverpudlian legend Geoff Rowley, who is also pro for Flip.

Flip took the plunge and relocated to Huntington Beach, California in 1994. Huntington Beach was at that time the epicentre of the skateboard industry, and Flip’s owners and team riders realised that to begin their world domination, they had to take their company to the skateboarding mecca to get noticed. The Flip team at the time of this momentus relocation consisted of Brits Geoff Rowley, Tom Penny and Andy Scott as well as Denmark’s Rune Glifberg.

Flip has released numerous classic skate videos, most memorably the ‘Sorry’ Trilogy which consists of ‘Sorry’ (2002), Extremely Sorry (2003) and Extremely Sorry (2009).
Flip don’t mess around when it comes to choosing team riders, and five team members (former and current) have won the Thrasher Skater of the Year Award: Bob Burnquist in 1997 (he was sponsored by Anti-Hero at the time), Geoff Rowley in 2000, Arto Saari in 2001, Mark Appleyard in 2003 (‘Apples’ has since departed to ride for Element), and David González in 2012.

Arguably the most legendary Flip rider is Tom Penny, who took the American skate industry by storm when he arrived in the States in 1994 with his asleep-at-the-wheel style and superhumanly natural abilities. Probably the most famous of Flip’s board graphics is the Penny ‘Cheech and Chong’ deck which depicts the eponymous stoners from the movies of the same name in cartoon style. Frequently re-issued since its release in 1996, Flip eventually gained licensing approval from Cheech Marin himself, and he has been on the Flip payroll since 2000.

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