Pengdulum by Dom Henry

Here's what Dom has to say about his latest edit:

"PENGDULUM is a short film intended to cast a light on the current health of the skate scene in Reading, England, as well as shining a light on some of the past luminaries of this virtually invisible scene.

I am extremely proud of the heritage of skateboarding in my hometown and have always been inspired by the older generation of tech mothafucking G's who hark from here. Moving in with Tom Hawes gave me ample opportunity to break into his stash of old VHS scene vids and crudely siphon them, allowing for a G'd up Timewarp twist amongst the present day footage. (Yeah, I've seen the Philadelphia Experiment). Let's take this shit back to '97.

Largely filmed in Reading, London and surrounding areas. Featuring Kelvin Wood, Eugene Ochieng, Simon Lewis, Damean Richardson, Dom Henry, Alex Dyer, Jon Bale, Tom Hawes and many more."

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