Matthew Nevitt Interview

Nev and Muska.


Matthew Nevitt.


Nev and lots I don't like!.


17th July 1990.


NOTE, Vans footwear and apparel and Alien Workshop through Shiner.

Favourite colour?

Probably blue

Favourite food?

Italian scran.

Favourite drink?

Booze with the homies.

Jake Johnson from West Alty: Dill or Kalis?

Kalis. He's someone for everyone of all ages to look up to as well!

Jake Johnson: Did you know some orangutans have been know to steal dogs and raise them as there own pets?

We've already discussed this Jake and I love it! I wish I could have a dog, it's kinda sad that some Monkey has one and I don't!

Best Manhead skate school story?

This kid snapped his wrist and only his sweatband was holding it together. I was freaking nearly as much as the kid as I could feel the bones moving about and grinding together as I had to take him to the reception. Josh drove him to A&E and made him a sling out of his jumper as the park didn't have any first aid stuff. What a nice generous guy, as he never got his brand new jumper back and rang up the parents to see how he was!

Best gangster Seb story?

Oh man. Seb once was skating Bones in Bolton. We were getting air out the medium ramp from dropping the massive quarter. Seb dropped in going so fast and hit the roll over so wrong and went about 12 feet in the air star shaped and slammed. He then started to laugh and then started to cry as he realised he broke his arm! He knew it was funny, not breaking the arm mind. Just the seconds he was in the air was ridiculous! That height itself was a feat of gravity and science. I love Seb, he's my little bro!

Backside flip.

Who did you skate with when you were younger?

Anyone and everyone. Like my mates from school but that eventually split up! Then like Mike and Tain! Then like Brucey, Player, Jonesy, Tyrone, Mukka and Andy Morris. Then Joe and Tone took me under there wing and I skate with anyone about.

How did you get in to skating?

I like had the choice of a Yo Yo or a Skateboard with £10 out of a birthday card! Yo Yo's were in style but I saw this guy called Kyle with a deck in the Trafford Centre, I changed my mind much to my poor Mum's despair and went back for a deck. It took for ever for me too choose over them both and I made her walk everywhere! I bought a shit deck with Aliens all over it and never stopped!

Trech Tim: How dare you and WHY did you put me in the same boat as Gav?

Sorry Tim, you didn't deserve that! We'd all hate to be in that Boat with Gav, I guess we aren't in his gnarly circle of trust!

Trech Tim: Why do you have spazzy injuries?

I admit I freak a bit at the slightest scuff, but it's only because I love skating so much and everyday off the board is hell. So if I reckon I could make something worse I stay off board. I'm sure I'm not the only hypochondriac out there! Plus I ain't the most well built guy, I am basically skin and bones so when I slam it hits me hard!

Is it true you decorated your own bedroom?

Yes and no, my Dad doesn't trust me so he painted the majority of it, but I put in all the units with a retired joiner mate. I just used his tools and he watched I didn't mess up. I also put a gate at the back of my house with him as I saw someone in my garden one night! I dunno how you plan to take the piss out of me for that? My room is cool, gonna give a shout out to Si Peplow for giving me a print from his show! Its framed on the biggest wall all alone! Big Ups for the best heelflip in the UK ever! (watch First Broadcast's montage)

Why do you phone NOTE every morning?

Because NOTE is like my family and I love you guys but you don't always give it back. I guess we are just in different places... We need a serious talk.

When was the last time you got high?

I'm into all natural, legal highs! The best time I had recently was on New Years Eve's Eve, had an amazing time with a good mate and a we joined a little reunion party with my close mates! Danced to Twist and Shout, had a drink, some nice scran. Got back to my mates at a stupid time in the morning. When I left there in the afternoon I chilled on New Years Eve with a beer in NOTE with everyone before I went home and slept into 2012. All my family came around though so I having a chilled one inbetween napping at the dinner table was good. Perfect end to 2011!

Who's the biggest bully on NOTE?

You guys are all nasty to me, I dunno how I am friends with you all?

Vans Groms or Powleys Angels?

Haven't been either, but I'm loyal to Powley he has done alot for over the last five years! Cheers for 5 years at Vans!

How was it winning an award for your artwork?

A shock for sure! Especially seen as it went on sale for a charity! Shamless plug, but for a brilliant, brilliant cause. Buy some art! So even if you hate me, I get no money from sales at all and there is a host of other great choices with nothing to do with me! Click here!

Is work experince a prize?

Yes and a very, very good one! As that's how you get a job in the industry! It's all done on who you know and what you have done in design. Not always the fancy degree, but that helps for sure!

Are leather pants a prize?

Worn by a Jim Morrison impersonator? Yes definitely, I never got them though... They were lost in the post! Most people won't know but I was the 2,000th person to like on Facebook "The Doors Alive" so I won the fake Jim's leather pants!

First package?

Vans sponsored me before you did so I got some dope Half Cabs!

Best package?

Vans sending me two parcels for two different people to the same postcode and house number! That was good times! I told Vans too and it took them a while to stop! So I was just winning for a month or three, plus they didn't expect the excess back!

Worst package?

I accidentally ordered baby shoes, sorry Vans! Totally my fault!

Top 5 youtube comedy clips to distract NOTE work?

You guys can fill that in, what do I put on the most...?

Tony: What board graphics have you done?

I did Grove's NOTE deck! That's the only one that's been produced!


Tony: Top 5 board graphics?

I can't decide man, my favourite deck I own is Joe's Ian Curtis deck!

Tony: Is it true you are a little bit sad all of the time?

Really sad most of the time now.... you ever hung out with yourselves? Plus that kid that said that comes in and does my head in and I can't deal with it.

Best work experience/filming tricks for W&L memories?

God. Me and Andy went and filmed a nose bonk into a bank on my dinner, my dinner was a bit longer than usual that day!

Best ball bag?

Frontside 180 in my Hurley hoody, just because of that hoody and the fact it passes off as a total camera stare. I was soo young, plus like "JOE GAVIN FILMING ME?" I was star struck and trying to be cool, which I'm not. I am very boring.

Why did you stop?

I see a few guys doing it now from the cage (no names but you'll know when you see it happen). I was no way near as old as the current culprit!

Top 3 imaginary sponsors?

Indy, Ricta, Spitfire? I think most people rep those though right? Plus Shiner are kind enough to help with those from time to time.

What were your GCSE results?

Why do you need that? This isn't a CV, I only got one D and that was in French! But the teacher was a prick, I hated her big time!

Who should we put on NOTE next?

Fergie as he is an all around ruler! Sick skater, good friend, hard grafter! Part of the family!

Who should we kick off?

No one, but what if Grove got the boot, he's branded for life, that would be tench!?

Why did you put your hand in the NOTE toilet?

I didn't even go in the water I got it out with a dry hand! It was someone's deodorant bottle, it wasn't fully submerged. Still scrubbed them hands hard, you ever been in there after Dan?

Backside ollie.

Who's the best skater in Salford?

Present Jay Stone, past Mike Matthews.

Tyrone: What trick was you doing when you finally broke your foot?

I was doing a backside lip on a bump to bar we made, I landed on my deck and got a sharp pain so I hobbled off. No slam or tweak, it was nearly a make....

Joe: Elliot smith or ODB?

Cinch: ODB. Haha. That's a weird question that question just bobbed up on my screen.

Usually I would say the dead guy would be a timeless classic but both have parted with us so I can't decide! I love them both equally!

Cinch: Flip back tail 3 shuv or flip nose grind nollie bigspin?

Flip back tail 3 shuv! Felt good and only ever done it a few times.

Dom: Top 5 video parts?

I don't know anymore, I love so many parts! Watch some from the 90's and I will approve them!

Joe: Me falling in the shop or Kings Arms?

I have to tell a story now.... Joe chased me around the shop and fell on the top step and slid to the window. Bentley also gave him a playful tap on the arm and he stumbled off a curb, over a chair into another chair and broke both. Then he started shouting at us as we were laughing at him. "Why did you push me?" was the best!

Kev: What's the key to tre flips?

Learning fakie first!

Dom: A Monster M tattooed on your back or pierced lip and ears for life? Wooden ear stretchers to be exact!

Neither but I could hide the tattoo!

Tom: What does Salford have that Manchester doesn't?

My family home and Nan!

Dom: You are on a sinking ship. You can rescue either your guitar or your camera, which one is it? Where you are going, neither are imported or manufactured so they are irreplaceable. However, film is still available and processable.

Camera so I could document emo shots of how much I miss the guitar....

Cheese and Ham butties or Roysters?


Best Bones Bolton session?

The last day was a good time!

Grove: What tune would you say describes yourself?

The Animals - Don't let me be Misunderstood. Because I am Soul who's intentions are good... I swear!

Tell us a story about a bus journey/cash machine/trip to the doctors?

Once the back window got a shot through and the bus stopped and wouldn't drive any further... What a moron! Make us a sitting duck? Proof that Salford, is like this.

Jed: You are clowning around next to Dawson's creek with the usual Jackass crew, Knoxville, Bam etc... Steve-o pulls out some cigarettes and offers you a smoke. Do you: a) accept the offer and smoke to look cool and save face? b) turn the offer down and explain that you're a head strong guy and you've tried it but it wasn't your cup of tea but thanks for the offer anyway and hope you can all stay friends? c) tell them you have your own cigarettes, pull out a carton of candy sticks and pretend to smoke the whole pack with aid of some trickery obtained off a pranks website using a balloon and some talcum powder?

B) all the way!

Jed: Sk8 or dice?


Jed: Will you be featuring in my new jackass video project entitled 'Jackadoo!'?

I hope so!

Kendo: Favourite Workshop part?

Pappalardo, Mosiac.

Kendo: Favourite spot on earth?

Definitely not Spinninfields, maybe Umist Hill?

Ferg: Whats the shortest story you know?

You asking me this question. The End.

Victor Mac Mahon: How do you skate in those Vans pumps or what ever it was?

I only wear slip ons to skate in every so often, I thought I was radioactive and indestructible but then I broke my ankle. So guess I'm not any more. I wasn't wearing slip on when I did my ankle, I had legit Skate Pro's on...

Kendo: Top 5 British skateboarders, give 3 words to describe each one?

This is too hard. I'm Giving 3 reasons instead and in no particular order, just my current watching list: Toby Shaul - Portraits, First Broadcast, Suburban Bliss was dope! Frank Stephens - In Motion, Gnarlyness, Playing Fields Tony Da Silva - UK's Wenning, My Uncle, Pusherman. Joe Gavin - Big Brother, Leisure, Pusherman. Mackey - SOS Owner, all round nice guy, fucking kills it on a plank of wood!

I'd like to thank; everyone and anyone who has helped me along my way. Most importantly; my parents and sister who I love dearly, Nic Powley and all at Vans UK, Jerome and all at Shiner, Splodge and my second family at NOTE!

Is that okay Splodgers? Please don't put the tretch photos in and stuff like that. I know that sounds weak but I really ain't keen! Sorry, NEV x


Thank you Joel Peck for the second and fifth photos, Joe Gavin for the third and Victor Mac Mahon for the fourth.

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