Joe Gavin Interview

Joe Gavin.


Joseph Gavin.




4th August 1983


Etnies, Carhartt, NOTE, The Harmony, Thunder, Stella Supply Co, Spitfire and Supreme.

Favourite colour?

Green or Bam purple.

Favourite food?


Favourite drink?

Window juice.

Bruce: How did u get sponsored?

I did an Indy grab over bridgewater and it all kicked off from there!

Dom: Favorite now defunct skate brand and why?

Menace, 101, AESTHETICS and Axion. They were the dopest!

Jim Walker: Who did you model your teen 'tash on?

Your mum!

Nev: Crusty Hippy or die hard mosher?

Eww...Gonna go with crusty hippy.

Tom Day: Most memorable gasworks session?

The last one.

Tom Day: How long did you ride for Heroin?

Long enough to get a few good shit boards, not sure maybe a few months.

Tom Day: When is Snake Eyes done?

When it's done....Nearly there.

Nev: Favorite Manchester import, you have to pick a fruity euro!

Intense Ron. He ain't no euro but that motha fucker was hyped!

Nev: Favorite Wu-tang track?

Duck Season. That's todays. Tomorrow who knows....

Nev: Favourite graff writer and skater?

Your dad........

Nev: Favourite other NOTE team rider?

You Nev. Nah it's Tone dude....

Nev: Favourite animal?

The small dog type.

Nev: Favourite edit/film you made?

Tough one that.........Gotta be the Olympics!

Nev: The Pupeki grind or a Stevie style switch backside heel?

Switch backside heelflip pupecki revert. Steven's got that!

Nev: Foot for hand or no hand?

I guess foot for hand....But then wait a sec could you train toes to work like fingers? Actually I'd just have a stump with a skate tool on it! Maybe that new Kalis tool! Imagine having a hand on one side then a fucking re-threader on the other!

Bruce: Gino or Guy?!

Gonna go with Guy....

Dom: The pros and cons of working with Nev?

Pros - it's pretty fun. Cons - I fell over.

Dom: Favourite handrail trick you've taken?


Dom: Trainwreck or Ragdoll?


Dom: A Harmony face tat or energy drink sponsor (logo display required at all times)?

I'm in the market for both! haha.

Bruce: Favourite Etnies kick?

Sal 23/Faction.

Frontside 5-0.

Joel Peck: Do you have any lucky items?

Nah. No lucky stuff!

Joel Peck: Have you ever dressed up as a woman?

Nah dude.....

Joel Peck: Would you like to?

Where is this going? Errr nah. Maybe with you!

Joel Peck: Macclesfield bumps or Granada Bump?

Macc dude....G bump sucks.

Tyrone: What is the best spot you have ever skated and why?

I've been to some unreal spots in my time....Just can't think sos Ty......

Tyrone: What age did you do your first flip trick and what was it?

I did a kickflip when I was about 11 in Air Max!

Nev: East or West coast Hip-Hop, rap and skating!?

East all day for both!

Tyrone: What trick was you trying when you did your knee in?

I dislocated my knee 3 times. Once on a switch flip manny in Bolton Bones, once messing around at that bump to bar spot in Barcelona and once I did it skinning up. The police went past and for some reason I shit it and got up all weird and it popped out! They didn't even stop me! I'm fine now....

Nollie front tail.

Sean Lomax: What's the best bit of footage you've ever documented?

Wow....I've documented the last 10 years of my life pretty hard...It's a tough one! Just can't say. (I sat there for about 20 mins!)

Nev: If you don't like Snakes or reptiles in general why did you name a video after them?

Snake Eyes is kind of a way of getting me to overcome my fear of snakes.... I can't even look at a picture of one.... I said to myself that there would be a snake in the snake eyes video therefore I would have to deal with it! Also I felt at the time that it was a cool word..and kind of represented cctv and Manchester city coucil are the snakes and the cameras are eyes....haha. Thats why it's called Snakeeyesdie!

Kendo: Whats a power trick that you've always wanted to do but you can't? (no regulation blackflip/frontflip answer here either Joe!)


Nev: Whats your favourite famous person who has been in/around NOTE?

Tony Wilson R.I.P, Jehst and fucking Alice Cooper.

Nev: The ship's sinking and you only have time to save one tretch lurker? Gav, photoshoot guy, Timmy other lurker inputs can be added.....? In turn if you save one he will be in the shop 24/7 compared to not saving and not being around.

Firstly, why can I save these people I'm just an average man. Choose wisely.....I hope you can swim Nev?

Nev: Flexi-fit and joggers or paint on jeans and metal bracelets?

Perma-curve yellow flexy.

Bruce: What's your last trick you learnt that you've never done before?

Frontside Nollie front nosegrinds....Nollie heel 5-0s

Kendo: Define ART?

Art is free with lots of movement and excitment. If you're looking for it you will find it. That's as deep as I'm going.

Tom Day: Frontside or backside?

Switch backside.

Tom Day: Switch or fakie?


Back smith.

Tom Day: Who should ride for NOTE but doesn't?

Leo Sharp.

Tom Day: Manchester childhood hero who doesn't skate anymore?

Keith Miller.

Jed: How much milk does Sheckler drink?


Jed: How much milk does sheckler produce?


Jed: Do you feel that the catholic religion advocates paedophilia?

Jed dude, we need to talk......

Jed: How long is a piece of string?

Come on man.

Jed: Could you please name three classic wildcards?

For the record "wildcard" to me means someone who thinks differently and generally entertains the mandem. Rob Smith. John Cardiel. Lenny Kirk.

Jed: Who would you like to see an epicly later'd of, who hasn't had one?


Which unsung veteran would you like to see given a Transworld comeback part?

Brian Wenning.

Thank you Stu Bentley for the first photo, Joel Peck for the second photos, Sean Lomax for the second third and Kevin 'Keegs' Eley for the fourth. Click on them for some videos and stuff.

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