Dwindle European Summer Holiday Manchester

Dwindle European Summer Holiday Manchester Keep Saturday, 30th July free. A very solid crew of rippers from Enjoi, Almost, Zero, Cliche, Blind and Darkstar are coming to Manchester, and you'd better believe Haslam is going to be there! He'll be in good company too with Flo Mirtain, Ryan Decenzo, TJ Rogers, Tommy Sandoval and Zack Wallin along for the ride, backed up by homegrown pedigree in the form of Kyron Davis, Ben Raemers and Kris Vile. This one's gonna be rad!

Get yourself down to the Pump Cage at 6 p.m. to see whether Haslam is still pushing what is possible on a skateboard, and just how far he's pushing beard growth now.

In all seriousness though, with a line-up this good, it should be a good day out for everyone who appreciates seeing really good skaters trapped in a metal cage.

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