Bridgewater Remix edit

Bridgewater Hall in Manchester is one of the cities most recognisable and highest profile skate spots. The stairs have seen a lot of skateboard action from local skate rats to top tier professionals. Joe Gavin has put together this NOTE History Channel of many of the highlights. Featuring Adam McGuire, Barney Page, Ben Grove, Chris 'Chalky' Crane, Cian Eades, Dan Murphy, Danny McCourt, Dan Plunkett, Dave Snaddon, Dylan Hughes, Garry 'Woody' Woodward, Gav Coughlan, Harry Lintell, Jack Morris, James Bush, Jay Stone, Jethro Coldwell, Jiri Bulin, Joe Gavin, Joe Lynskey, John Bell, Korhan Gayle, Kris Vile, Lewis Threadgold, Liam Sproat, Max Pouncey, Mike Mathews, Mike Wright, Nick Remon, Nick Stansfield, Nick Trapasso, Oliver Tyreman, Paul Rodriguez, Peter Ramondetta, Rick Fields, Ryan Lay, Simo Makela, Spencer Hamilton, Stu Schofield and Tony Da Silva. There is still more stuff to do at this spot. Have at!

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