ACE Trucks was founded in 2007 by Joey Tershay. In cooperation with his business partner Steve “Shrewgy” Ruge, he gathered a lot of know-how about designing and producing skateboard trucks. The Independent Stage III truck, which was popular for its maneuverability, served as a template for ACE trucks. Staying true to the mission statement “quality without compromise”, there were a few optical and technical changes in comparison to the prototype model.


Street skateboarding and ACE Trucks work together really well. Team riders like Kevin Rodrigues, Dane Brady or Brian Delatorre are proof of that. Due to their incredibly precise steering behavior, durability and the almost non-existent break-in period, I would recommend ACE Trucks to anyone who’s looking for an all-around truck and doesn’t care about its weight.



 Check out the new Ace AF1 available on the site along side a whole range of accessories  

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