• Dom Henry Venture Minute

    Dom in Copenhagen filmed by Jim Craven for Venture trucks.
  • Boulevard Magenta

    Paris summer tapes from Magenta featuring Shogo Zama, Soy Panday, Glen Fox, Vivien Feil, Ruben Spelta, Leo Buscetti, Masaki Ui, Olivier Ente, Antoine Jouguet, Emilien Bonnet, Leo Spartacus and Julien Oye.
  • Keith Hufnagel

    Keith Hufnagel forever!
  • Quantinium

    New footage from Chris Pfanner and the rest of Antihero skateboards team.
  • Janoski Flyleather

    The new Nike SB Stefan Janoski Flyleather shoes were designed with every consideration made towards sustainability. Flyleather and Nike Grind technology have been incorporated to produce a lightweight and durable skate shoe from materials that would have otherwise gone to landfill. This shoe is available from NOTE now and you can drop off old shoes for recycling in our Thomas Street shop.
  • adidas Puig

    Lucas Puig has a new Puig pro shoe coming with adidas Skateboarding that will be available at NOTE Thomas Street from 10:00am this Saturday 19th September. Get down and skate our Lucas inspired bank and block combo and possibly bag up some prizes. Just get clips of tricks on it, post them on Instagram and #notepuig and we'll give out some kit to our favourites.

  • '93 til

    We've been looking forward to getting this '93 til book in NOTE and now it's here. 250 pages of nineties skateboarding documented by Pete Thompson.
  • 4:3 / Bats & Mats

    Watch this new Pop Trading Company 4:3 video by Sami El Hassani featuring Bastiaan van Zadelhoff and Mats Edel with illustrations by Joost Swarte and cameo’s by Jair Gravenberch, Alex Raeymaekers, Ali Belhadj, Chima Chibueze, Rob Maatman, Tobias van Rooij and Tycho Henskes. All filmed in the city of Haarlem, Netherlands. 
  • Catfish clip #2

    Atlantic Drift in Majorca featuring Shane O'Neill, Tom Knox, Max Palmer, Casper Brooker and Nik Stain.
  • Jahmir Brown DC Part

    DC shoes welcome Philadelphia native Jahmir Brown to the team.


  • Nervous Circus

    Roll up! Roll up! Girl skateboards announcing Griffin Gass and Niels Bennett going professional and introducing Rowan Davis to the team in this new video. Griffin and Neils debut pro decks will be available from NOTE very soon.
  • Pedro Delfino's Spitfire Part

    Death defying Pedro Delfino with a new video part for Spitfire.