• 420 E 9th Street

    Hockey with a chilled one that turns into a gnarly one. Rad skating throughout from Louie Lopez, Na-Kel Smith, Anthony Van Engelen, Sage Elsesser, Diego Todd, Joe Campos, Nik Stain, Ben Kadow, John Fitzgerald, Donovon Piscopo, Sean Pablo and Andrew Allen. That slappy out ledge sesh! Loads of sick Hockey gear over on the site.

  • Shaun Paul HODDLE

    Well this parts sick! Shaun Paul coming through with a banger killing Melbourne spots. We got some rad new Hoddle boards and clothing available check em out here.

  • Will Marshall Dime

    New Will Marshall part for Dime is banging. We got a bunch of his new Alltimers boards available on the site too.

  • Alfie Warin - 'Pétanque' Part

    Joe Allen's ‘Pétanque’ is a full length DVD release featuring Alfie Warin. Available now in store or here. Check out Alfie's rad part above then go support!


    Serious Adult always make rad edit's and this is no exception. Rad skating but more inportantly what looks like a sick crew having fun together.

    Featuring Lewis Bell, Jack Soden, Max Critchlow, George Booth Cole, Louis Woodhead, Tom Delion, Theo Hughes, Greg Conroy, Cam Snow, Josh Mason, Sam Earl, Zeta Rush plus some rad bits from shop pals Jeremy Jones and Shaun Currie. Check out more from serious adult here

  • Bronze - The Reuben

    Bronze are back with another Lo - Fi dial up treat for your eyes by Peter Sidlauskas featuring all the squad and more. 

  • Mark Suciu's "Spitfire" Part

    Marc Suciu come's with another banger of a part for Spitfire. Classic awkward twisty form and mad long intricate line's make this one a banger.


    New edit for Pass-Port not entirely sure what the hell's going on but I know it was sick.


    Max Palmer, Cyrus Bennet and Nik Stain Alert! 26 mins of NYC Vx goodness from the mind of Paul Coutherut. Make a brew!

  • Spitfire Wheels' "Scenic"

    New Spitfire Oz Team video featuring Riley Pavey and Girl skateboards Rowan Davis. How come they have so many curved ledges? Loads of Spitfire's on the site too, Ride the fire!



    Palace Skateboards just dropped this banger on us out the blue! Banging parts for new pro's Kyle Wilson and Charlie Birch along side the whole team killing it in this 27 minute treat. Grab some Palace boards here and stay tuned for the new pro boards in store soon.   


    Not everyone want's to have the same shoes as the next person. So what better way than to grab a bucket and dye your clothes or shoes whatever colour you want. Check out this basic guide to getting your self that original one of a kind exclusive!

    Ok so first you will need to grab yourself some plain shoe's. We've used the Nike Sb Blazer Orange Label There perfect because they have different fabrics on different panels, The suede will be lighter because the dye cant soak in as well as the canvas part which will be darker.

    Grab some Dye from your nearest Independent Fabric shop. Then poor about half the dye in a bucket of warm water. Be sure to remove the laces from the shoes.

    Now for the scary part, Pop the shoes in the bucket (Wear gloves!) 

    Why not stick a T-shirt in for the matching outfit vibe! Although we don't condone the use of the tie dye technique it is well fun and can be achieved by tying string tightly around the T-Shirt. The End result It is pretty stinking though. 

    Give it a good stir and make sure the Dye covers the shoes evenly, Or not if you want a more crusty Glastonbury juggler style.

    Leave in the bucket for 30 mins moving them around a few times.

    Now take them out, remove the in soles and dry overnight.

    Pop the in soles and laces back in and your good to go!


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