We recently started stocking a brand called "Poets" from the mind of the legendary Gino Iannucci. Growing up in the 90's skateboarding was different, you completely idolised your favourite skaters and waited patiently for them to drop their next video part which would generally be every two years. Gino was a god to anyone who considered themselves as a street skater. His style was way ahead, his trick selection was floorless, he skated fast and was just generally really cool and always left you wanting more. The way he would land his tricks wasn't exactly "perfect" either, he might kick out a leg or be twisted completely backwards but this only made his skating look even more graceful and basically dope as fuck. In this day and age of skaters posting every thing they've ever landed or posting a trick every time they skate it seems mad to think he would drop a part every two years. But this is why Gino is still relevant today, he created a mystique around his output not unlike certain rapper's, like the late MF DOOM. People would hang on to even a short clip of him pushing or doing just a nose slide at speed, no cheesy interviews or weird insights into his life just raw skating at its best. We thought we'd take you through some of his parts just in case you might not have heard of him and wondered what the fuss was about.


    "20 Shot Sequence"

    Kool G Rap sets the tone while Gino fucks up a manner of classic 90's spots. The first line is at the famous Wallenburgh school which is still skated today (Brandon Turner's recent switch hardflip). At this time ledge and manual tricks were the one and Gino was right at the forefront of progressive tech tricks. Nollie flip tailslides and halfcab flip noseslides are still well hard!

    Gino in Trilogy 

    This part is a perfect example of Gino's style inspiring a generation to learn switch tricks at speed. Even when he does a trick a bit mad like the front nose that locks in weird then he tic tacs out it's still more intriguing than a perfect one and he makes it work. The switch shuvit heelflip over the gap could be the most switch looking trick ever too. 


    Keenan and Gino In "Mouse" 

    This one's the perfect example of "leaving you wanting more". Two tricks in a 58 second part is mad but this was enough to leave a generation so keen for more! The nollie 270 switch back tail was just absolutely mind blowing. Keenan is a whole other blog post but he was an absolute style god too. Rest in Peace

    The Chocolate Tour

    Over a minute of Gino to a GZA intrumental was on repeat in my house when this video came out. At this time towards the end of the nineties people were trying dress abit more flashy wearing swishy pants and tech massive shoes. Gino always keeping it classy in the best gear too. Gino showing everyone that less is more once again.



    "Yeah Right"

    As the skate world seems to be getting gnarlier with people jumping and generally going ham, Gino is right there with the rest pumping "Guns and Roses" jumping down double sets and going even faster than usual. So many highlights in this one.



    "Hot Chocolate"

    This one is a bit different and actually did show a little more of Gino's process. Battling for tricks to "The Streets" was pretty damn motivational at the time and still is to this day. Wish he'd got that switch shuv though. It was looking banging!

    Now when you see that clip of Gino and everyone going mad, maybe you might be posting a crown emoji too. There's a few more part's and guest features of Gino out there but I thought I'd leave you wanting more just like the man himself. 

    Go Check out POETS over on the shop and await the next sighting of one of the kings of style.


    Snack Skateboards is a sick brand out of San Francisco. We just got a few limited bits including the DVD "Arts and Culture". Check it out here or grab a copy for your collection here.

  • Clown Manifesto decks

    Clown skateboards are back and here to finish what they started. From 2000 to 2005 Clown had a powerful team and legendary graphics by a secretive street artist. Now they're back and producing limited quantities of screen printed decks and clothing. We've got 8 Clown Manifesto skateboard decks to sell for £55 each and we want them to go to true fans of the brand. To be able to buy one identify the 5 skaters in the photo above who all skated for Clown back in the day and email their names to We will send a newsletter to the first 20 correct entries we receive with a link to be able to buy one of the decks at 5pm this afternoon. One deck per customer, first come first served and UK shipping or collect in store only. Good luck.

  • 13:37

    Rad new Swedish vid featuring a load of the Sour heads plus some amazing Stockholm rippers. The filmer has some next shit going on with them Hips, Not sure how he can turn 360 while filming lines. 


    Featuring: Martin Sandberg, Nisse Ingemarsson, Hampus Jansson, Sebastian Ström, Konrad Annerud, Simon Karlsson, Josef Skott Jatta, Daniel Grönwall, Vilbur Fritzon, Viktor Castro, Mario Eriksson, Axel Lindquist, Simon Hallberg, Vincent Huhta and Axel Berggren.

  • Nike SB Australia - Welcome to Melbourne

    Banging Australian NIKE SB edit Featuring Riley Pavey, Corey Young, Raph Langslow, Jack O’Grady, Hayley Wilson, Harry McEvoy, Max Couling, Sean Malto, Kieran Woolley, Noah Nayef, Rowan Davis, Sam Sutton, Anthony Mapstone, Ben Lawrie, Nick Boserio and Harry Clark. 


     Jethro and Ross coming through this pukka Ganj Wax promo. Featuring a whole range of worldwide legends. Good work Jed u big lej! 


    OG NOTE rider Mike Matthews is back on it! Mike and the PUMF squad tearing there sick D.I.Y a new one!  Filmed and edited By Ben Horse. Seriously this got us all so hyped! Mike was a bit of a child prodigy back in the early 2000's making a name for himself jumping down everything in sight and had real classic technique. Mike didn't skate really for years then recently found his passion for skating showing that it's never too late to jump back on board. Big up to Horse man, Joe and Shep and the squad for killing it too. Now where is this place! 


    New Yardsale video "YS2" with some banging Keanu footage! 

    Check out Yardsale here.


    Featuring Keanu Robson, Jake Church, Curtis Pearl stomped fakie varial heel , Zach Delarue, Adam Delarue, Bear Myles, Alex Hatfield and Stanley Pradel.

  • The National Skateboard Co - "MMXX"

    New National video "MMXX" dropped recently via Grey Skate mag. Check out all there new boards here

    Featuring: Tom Harrison, Tom Tanner, Denis Lynn, Cam Barr, Michał Juraś, Gregoire Cuadrado, Neil Smith, Dave Mackey, Joe Gavin, Dan West, Victor Mputu, Vaughan Jones, Andy Evans and Tommy May. Filmed and edited by Ryan Gray. Additional filming: Harry Seward.

    Filmed and Edited by Ryan Gray.

  • 'BOMBEW' by Hadrien Buhannic

    This video is worth the watch just for the nollie frontside flip count. Filmed and edited by Hadrien Buhannic in Paris featuring a bunch of the Adidas squad.


    This guy is on some next shit! And skating to Doom! This is a must see, courtesy of Free Skate Mag

    Filmed and edited very well by Quintin Guthrie.

  • Jim Greco - Glass Carousel

    Jim Greco going in on this classic L.A spot in his latest short film/bangin ten min part "Glass Carousel". Since when did Grecs have so much pop! Back 270 tailslide are well hard on a curb never mind big ledges.