This weeks product

We've had a couple of new Adio shoes, the Switch and Danny Montoya V.5, and we've had some new Rebel 8 T shirts and the return of a few classic Thrasher Ts. The new Sidewalk issue 152 is in and I'm sure I spotted a bit of Manc action in there. We've had more epic hard wear deliveries. Hard product from Independent, Destructo, Diamond, Bones, Spitfire, HiFi, Stereo, Flip, Krooked and Zoo York. We've also got a load of new Strange Notes DVDs to give away free to our favourite and most polite customers. Joe's in Portugal with most of The Harmony team so I'm going to pick the weekly videoblogtubepromo thing. This week you are getting a double appointment with Dr Zered Bassett. First up is his part from his own vid, Vicious Cycle. A powerful video which never even received an official release. For seconds we've got some of his throw away footage from the upcoming Zoo York video, State of Mind, out next month. If this is the stuff that isn't going in imagine how good his actual section will be. Splodge