Solstice edit by Jim Craven

Today is the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year. It is also (assuming you listen to the Mayans), the apocalypse.

Pumpcage edit by Joe

The Pumpcage extension and the Snake Eyes DVD are going to be ready any day now. Get hyped for both by watching this.

Tony Da Silva is now pro

Part time worker, full time student, half Tone and now full on professional skateboarder for The Harmony.

Snake Eyes Die premiere 4th December

Joe's new vid is ready and the premiere is organized. Info below with a new promo. If you don't know where Kraak is then click on the picture for a map. Snake Eyes Die Premiere.

Tony Da Silva Pusherman

Tony's part from Pusherman is now online for you to watch. If you haven't got a copy of the full vid yet then get one here.

Eastern Skate Mag 2

The second of Rob Salmon's Eastern Skate Mags is here for you to enjoy. Photos of Tony, Joe, Tom Day and Ferg are just a few clicks away.

Snake Eyes Die promo 3

Snakeeyesdie is a full length Manchester skateboard scene video by Joe Gavin set to a classic hip hop soundtrack mixed by DJ Omas. Stay tuned.

Shads Promo

Shads is going to be a full length skateboard film by Mark Kendrick featuring sections from Tony Da Silva, Joe Gavin, Dom Henry, Louie Brownlie, Paul Hill, Eddie Belvedere, Fergie Anderson, Jiří Bulín, Frank Stephens and others and it will be out in 2013.


Ten years ago Stu Bentley made this rad Manchester scene VHS video featuring Eastbourne Ben, Woody, Dan Rees, Keith Miller and a young Joe Gavin. Watch and learn kids.

Pumpcage Sledgehammer

Here's a bunch of tricks performed at the Cage and filmed by Jim Craven a couple of years ago.
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