Street Carnage resuts (5, 6)

Stage 5a:Catlefield, the 4 set Skate stopped but still skatable. Rob with the switch fs flip over the rumble strips n doon the 4. Neil bs flip. Barney flip. People performed that stuff before the Community officers moved us on. Stage 5b: Castlefield Katermeran Again we only had a few minutes for the bomb doon the hill, it was wonderful to behold. Not a competion, just for the fun. Stage 6: Bridgewater Again the big crew rammpd heavily. Lil nick s fs biggy the stairs and Eddy fs ollie the rail. Some white wine yahs tried to shout at the kids skating..Bad move! 40 or 50 skate rats chantin "WHO ARE YA?" might make you look not quite so cool in front of yaa bird. M HAAA!! Kev, Prime and Danngerous Damo jumped in the water...hilarious! Uncle Cinchez 16/04/07