Free & Riddles in Mathematics Premiere 16/03/17

To launch the new season of State Footwear we are going to be hosting a premiere of the new video "Free" featuring Ststae team riders Christian Maalouf, Jon Nguyen, Jordan Sanchez, Kevin Coakley and Ben Gore who is also featured in the new Transworld video "Riddles in Mathematics" which we will be playing too. The new 29th Transworld flick stars new professionals Bobby DeKeyzer & Yaje Popson alongside seasoned vets Leo Valls, Bobby Worrest, and Ben Gore. The film by Chris Thiessen is sure to be a visual treat lilmed in Paris, Bordeaux, New York, San Francisco, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Barcelona.

Come on down to NOTE Tib Street for free booze and product giveaways. 

State x Transworld Video Premier Artwork