Sorry for the lack of team news

Manchester skateboard shop Apologies for the lack of blogging lately. We've been busy working on this new site. Here's a little run down of what's been going on lately. Ben is repping Pretty Green and is over in Dublin with Nev. Tone has grown a moustache but still gets recognised as the dude who was in all the newspapers because Manchester Council sent a letter to his parents to try and stop him skating. Gravis footwear are hooking Tone up. Joe has an arty new ad in the new Kingpin magazine (in now). Gavzo offcuts, sequences and Tale Of Two Cities updates. Tyrone is shooting photos with a blader. Kev is topping up his tan and taking advantage of all the free booze in the Northern Quarter. John Bell is taking a weekend off filming hammers for three vids simultaneously to be in the finals of a manny comp in London. Mike Mathews is doing band practice in preparation of the Suzuki Method EP and tour. Jackass Jethro has been skating in Barcelona and Lyon and is filming a video part with Shanks.