Polar X Cons London shoe launch pictures

To celebrate the launch of the Polar x Converse shoes and 'Manhattan Days' short film, members of both the Polar and Cons teams descended on East London to skate kickers with faces on them in a 'wild in the streets' free for all. We've put together this photo gallery of the day's proceedings. Photography by Jim Craven. 

Pontus Alv Pontus Alv Happy and sad Harry Lintell wallride

Harry Lintell surgs out a wallride front sad to happy. 

David Stenström frontside wallride

David Stenström takes the frontside approach. 

Pontus Alv wallride nollie

Pontus Alv, Wallride nollie out to block navigation. 

Pontus Alv frontside wallride

Pontus Alv displays some serious footwork on this frontside wallride out of the happy one. 


This guy was on one. Moments before this he managed a wallie nosemanual on this spot, before hooning a wallie over the lot. 

Wallie transfer

A Pontus Alv aided wallie transfer. 

Harry Lintell nose bonk

MVP for the day was almost certainly Harry Lintell. Most of the trick he did at each spot were done first try before the cavalry had even fully arrived and any cameras were present. This is one of them, but thankfully he did it a couple more times for the crowds! Nose bonk.

Pontus Alv

Pontus using his sad friend to diffuse a situation. This guy wasn't impressed.

Matlok bs smith

Matlok Bennett-Jones styling out a backside smith grind during a hectic Brick Lane session. 

Harry Lintell bs 180 nosegrind

Seconds later, Harry contined the onslaught with this Backside 180 nosegrind. 

Tail drop

This guy went in off the top rope for a can of beer. 

 Harry Lintell Melon

Harry Lintell performs a street grab under the watchful eyes of the Pont. 

Harry Lintell Backside 180

Harry Lintell said goodbye to skateboarding and hello to beer with this backside 180.