The 2nd phase of the Manchester ASBO comp series was held yesterday. The Note 'Street Carnage' day took place at 7 hot streetspots. The sun shone, the sky was blue. Pretty much every Manchester skater, young and old came out and repp'd. The best thing about the whole day was seeing everyone together as a mass crew and skating the hell out of the city. There was about a fifty or sixty deep crew that took it to the streets. It was unusual/satisfying that we only got moved on once. Wether it was because of the football or because such a big skate crew is to much of a problem, but the babylon stayed away all day. This is was deffinetly one of the most awsomest skate days manchester has ever seen..if you dont believe me ask the kids maaan. It just goes to show you that u dont need mega bucks prize money and some mega bucks US pro to get everyone amped and to see super hot skating. LETS MAKE THAT SHIT HAPPEN AGAIN! YOU KNOW ITS ONLY RIGHT! Uncle Cinchez 16/04/07