NOTE go Bones

Back in the 1990s indoor skateparks were few and far between. Radlands in Northampton and Rehab in Wakefield were about the only decent ones until the Mayor and Frank Sidebottom opened Bones in Stockport in 1997. Dave Arnold and Tim Stamp from Uniform did a solid job constructing a variety of sizes and styles of ramps which were spread between 3 rooms on 2 floors. Boasting a bowl, vert, jump box, spine, driveways, flat banks and ledges the place was an instant success and often too busy to use. People would travel from all over and there were demos, tours and before long another Bones in Bolton. It is where we first opened the shop back in 1999 and it's where many well known skaters on the Manchester scene developed their skills and first met one another. After a while though things began to change. New staff were brought in who didn't use the place, people got banned and the ramps fell in to disrepair. People were beginning to think Bones had shut down and many of the newer skaters on the scene don't even seem to know the place exists. Well now Bones has been taken over by new management and is being run as a charity by people who actually use and care for the park. They've begun some much needed repairs and plans are afoot to bring Bones back to it's former glory. We had a lock in with a crew of vibe seekers and had a lot of fun. Check out the edit and go Bones!