New entry Bee Sides DVD and re entry Workers and Lurkers DVD

To celebrate 10 years of NOTE Joe put together this collection of edits from the likes of Simon Owen, Dykie, Ryan Gray, Stuart Bentley and Dan Cintra featuring the entire team from 1999 to 2009. Expect to see Jethro's intro part, Joe and Tony in Steven, Tony's extra East Vapors part, Ben at Platt Fields, The Pumpcage, Little Picture remix, Workers and Lurkers montage, California, Leisure remix, Ben and Mike Baghead Flats remix, a new John Bell section, NOTE Olympics 2009 and loads more. While at the duplicators we decided to get some more copies of Workers and Lurkers made up. This shit is classic so make sure you've got a copy. Now click here if you want these in your letter box tomorrow.