KREK's threes

Best things to come out of macclesfield: 1. 1999-2006 Legendary skate crew 2. The Macc Lads with lyrics such as "no more sheep till buxton" & "he's a queer, he drinks lemonade, he's a queer, he's got f*****g aids" 3. Finest herion known to man ("scag on yer chips luv') Graff related incidents: 1. Asian troops - motorway chase 2. commission which turned into the whole street getting destroyed inch by inch, so much so that pedestrians even started getting involved 3. Mers' 4ft high starjump through the old mill's asbestos roof, getting stuck up to his chest Cintra moments: 1. image entitled "this way to the sea" 2. Defined' (faceparty) 3. Refusal of note sticker to domville (2004) KREK 15/01/07