Kevin Eley Interview



Kevin Eley.




1st May 1986.

Favourite colour?

Green, the colour of the earth.

Favourite food?

Chicken tikka masala.

Nev: Favourite Joy Division tune?


Nev: Tell us about the jeans stud getting stuck in your leg!

it is what it is.

Nev: How many times have you been knocked off your bike?

About five.

Nev: Fixed or gears?

Fixed for short pumps , gears for epic tours.

Nev: Pills, Thrills & Bellyaches or Larger, Fags & Headaches?

Teeth are too small for anymore pills. Just beer and booze nowadays.

Tony: What ball b-earrings do you use?

Hoop hardware.

Kendo: Top 3 favourite video parts?

Pontus Alv Strongest of the Strange, Rowley Sorry, Romero Stay Silver.

Kendo: What's happened to your Shads part?

It's winter.


Nev: Favourite water pool you have jumped in?

Barca harbour with the crew. Best day of my life.

Tony: Tell us about when you 5050'd the blue rail at Umist 5.

I hit the wall just before I popped when I was trying it and I rolly pollied down the rail. lmao lol rotfl omg brb gtg

Nev: Favourite nickname you have given?


Nev: Do you like being a bully?

Yes. It makes other people laugh. That’s all that matters.

Nev: Top gasworks story?

Driving Brazza's car wen I was 15 and reversing it into a wall and him just laughing. And every time Brazza borrowed someone's board and tried to hardflip the seven and snapped the deck.

Tony: Do you ever have to do housework at the manor?


Approximately how much of your paper round earnings did you waste on stickers?

Every last penny. This was before I started smoking

Nev: After an earring, what's next?

Big hole in the ear, face tat, lace up back, spike in your neck? Botox.

Nev: Emo/goth/mosher?

Skosher (skally mosha).

Nev: Favourite bass riff?

Handsome Devil, The Smiths.

Drum (baccy) or bass?


Nev: How many criminal records have you got and what are they for?

Three. Possession, assault, burglary.

Tony: Would you call yourself a cowboy electrician?

Semi legit.

Grove: How many stickers/iron on patches do you reckon you brought with your paper round money from og NOTE Bones in Stockport?


Cinch: Please can you tell us about the special fire bin your mum made you? To help you defraud the Royal Mail.

It wasn't Royal Mail. It was an estate agent company that I got high and delivered leaflets for.

Cinch: Have you ever had a positive response from the ladies, whilst using your agressive, shouting, threatening and slightly rapish pulling technique?

Define positive response.

Cinch: Is it true an opera singer died after singing into a mic you setup (and made some 'Kev electrician' adjustments to)?

Pavorotti, you know the full story now.

Switch 5-0.

Cinch: Is Damo actualy your long lost brother? But only you know the truth.

Damo cant be related. He is not a human.

Cinch: Is it true there was a secret 'Challenge Damo' where you gave him a cig and he ran in just his boxers across both lanes of the M60 at rush hour.

No, but it shall go on the list for summer.

Nev: What's the worst job you have ever, ever had?

Working in this place phoning up people to do market research. Fucked it off straight away. Al stuck at it for ages.

Cinch: Is it true that summer you and Damo and Matty went camping you a killed a mans?

The only man that got killed was the shadow of Damo's dignity. Cause of that hideous vest he wore.

Nev: Yeah, what did you do when you went camping?

Went camping.

Nev: Favourite Manc skate spot!

Medication regulation.

Nev: Favourite other NOTE rider and why?

Tony, 'cause we have a lol.

Intense Ron: What is the true meaning of skateboarding?

It's havin' a lmao with your mates.

Joe: Doctor Evil or Sadam?

Sadam all the way.

Joe: What's the snidest thing youv'e ever done and do you have any regrets?

Probably the clipper smiley on Damo's hand.

Joe: What's the best trick you and your earring have pulled?


Joe: Top 5 Camping tools? 1- earring.

2. Bike light. 3. Radio. 4. Yoga mat. 5. Toilet roll.

Joe: Any tales from the Masonic hall?

People reckon they have heard the pianos being played when there was no one in the rooms where they were. No shit, apparently this cleaner used to work there and she quit 'cause she was so scared about the ghosts.

Intense Ron: What's it like skating the 'Closet'?

In or out, or just curious.

Dom: Joy Division or The Smiths?


Joe: Top 3 reasons why Intense Ron should come visit!

1. Weed. 2. Booze. 3. Platt Fields.

Joe: Top 3 bank spots, skated and not skated?

1. Blue banks in Barca. 2. Beer banks would love to skate. 3. Any boozy Medi bank sesh.

Backside blunt.

Intense Ron: Wkd vs Beer?

Omg beer c'monnn

Tom Day: Top three damo challenges?

1. Well there's the infamous slide down renaissance brick bank on a deck in the ice which I was unfortunate not to witness, but I was told was epic. 2. Pop shove to back fifty from second step of amphitheatre ledges to the bottom ledge. 3. Rolling down the thin brick wall at Granada bump.

Tom Day: Top three summer skate spots? (taking into account cheap beer locally and female student lurkers)

1. Obvs Platts. 2. Turbis. 3. Castlefield amputee theatre of dreams.

Tom Day: How many years have you been taking icebags to spots to keep your drinks cold?

Err dunno where it started really. I just fuckin' hate warm beer.

Tom Day: Who would win in a NOTE riders and workers arm wrestling tournament?

Probs Cin Diesel.

Nev: How and why did you start skating?

First day at Bones and that was it.

Nev: What's the most stupid idea you have ever had and followed through?

Trying to make toffee popcorn.

Adam Leishman: Fave cheese?

Babybel, just like Micheal Jackson.

Nev: Why don't you like cheese?

Because it's gone off milk.

Jed: Earrings? Diamante stud or little gold hoop?

Hula hoops, ready salted.


Thank you Joel Peck for the fourth photo and Joe Gavin for all the rest.