Switch 180 nose grinder! Tell us a little about being a superstar DJ in the early nineties? (not too much) Well I was keen for raving like errrr from an early age and brocking out in general for longer than that. 1995-96 I had a track called Midnight Express out it was an anthem in its circles. It was on an ecstasy documentary and loads of selection albums like over the years I still get royalties of that piece! Do you still go to stand and tan? I've cut down alot. It was two times a week a few years back errrrr I was looking real ghostly when I went on holiday. Who influences your skating, what skaters, videos, etc? Well ive had loads of different one's over the years . I wanted to be Frankie Hill and Barbie after I saw Ban This" my first skate video like. But Carroll and Howard are two long time top dogs for me. Right enough skate talk tell us a joke? errrrrrrr Where does Kylie get her kebabs ? Jasons donna van!hahahaha err What's the most mental thing you've ever done? I threw my passport, birth certificate national insurance card, driving license and loads of other important stuff away . I pretty much didn't exist for a while! Shit! How many wife beater 's do you own? errrrrrr I have like 14 or 16 i'm pretty much over them apart from the gym the bird's can get better tickets to the gun show! Amazing!....Nice one Cinch lets play the word game Everyone - nearly Switch boardslide to fives (darren) - nearly Currys - standard Myspace - over Blue steel- magnum 2pac- dead Bruce - sidebottom. Joe Gavin