Champagne Super Grover

Champagne Super Grover. NOTE has been open for 12 years to the day and Ben Grove has been there since day one. Ben has gone on to smash it on a skateboard getting a load of magazine coverage including covers and interviews, killing it in comps all over the world, consistently putting out gnarly video parts and claiming countless NBDs. When we learnt his last skateboard sponsor weren't going to pay him to be a professional skateboarder anymore we decided something had to be done. The result is this limited edition Ben Grove Champagne deck which we will release next week on Friday 22nd July. If you want to see some footage of Ben testing out his new deck click here, here, here or here. Big ups to Nev for the graphic design.

Opening Times

Mon - Sat: 10am - 6:30pm
Sunday: 11am - 5pm
Bank Holidays: 11am - 5pm

Easter Sunday: Closed

Christmas Day: Closed

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    Mark Kendrick ollie over a perilous pit in Malaysia. πŸ“· @thepictualist @shads_mcr #markkendrick #malaysiaskateboarding πŸ‡²πŸ‡ΎπŸ

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    Some thread the needle wizardry by Lewis Brownlie. Mark Kendrick's Skate Crates can be watched on πŸ“Ή @shads_mcr @sidewalkmag @lewis.brownlie #shads #skatecrates #manchesterskateboarding 🐝

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    Happy birthday Pablo Aresu Corn! Old footage from Pab and Jed's Barcelona Basecation. πŸ“Ή @jackasssk8rjedpiffgeneral420 You're on @aresucorn get some kit! #pabloaresu #jethrocoldwell #barcelonaskateboarding 🐝

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    Mark Kendrick's second Skate Crates is up on πŸ“Ή @shads_mcr @sidewalkmag #johnbell #skatecrates #manchesterskateboarding 🐝