DC x Butter Goods

The DC x Butter Goods collection features the classic Kalis OG shoe and a range of apparel and is available from NOTE now. Check out Josh Kalis and and Philly Santosuosso rocking the kit in Chicago. 

Hot Line

Zero Damn It All premiere 05/10/2019


Verso is a very special new video part from Mark Suciu

Connections premiere 05/10/2019

Join us and the Couch Raiders in NOTE Tib Street at 6:30pm this Saturday 5th October for the Manchester premiere of CR Connections Chapter 0. Filmed all over the UK and overseas this video features skaters from Poland, Spain and Glossop including Will Collins, David, Czaja, Tommy G, Camel, Marchewa, Wu Kaniu, Bolek, Otor, Patryczek, Benjah, Traszer, Pedro Sanchez, Simply Shred, Jugen Stach, Majlo, Jahu, Damien Allsopp, Dida, Vic, Jean Semaan, Vince, Stefix, Jack, Siela, Chudy and Josh Collins.

Nike SB x Ben-G

The Nike SB x Ben-G Dunk Low Pro, polo and AW84 cap will be available in store at NOTE Thomas Street from 8:00am this Saturday 5th October. One pair of shoes, one shirt and one hat per customer. First come first served and no reserving. If we have any stock left we'll be putting that online later in the day. 

L'Indian Express

L'Indian Express is a new video from Magenta skateboards featuring Soy Panday, Glen Fox, Antoine Jouguet and Vivien Feil skating Chennai and Pondicherry in India during a week long trip.

HUF 003 Tyler Bledsoe

The third installment of the 'HUF 00’ series focuses on Tyler Bledsoe. Featuring a full Bledsoe video part and clips from fellow HUF team riders Nick Matthews, Caleb McNeeley, Justin Drysen, Dick Rizzo, Brad Cromer and Salomon Cardenas.

Primitive welcome Hamilton and Silvas

Primitive continue to stack their skateboard team adding Spencer Hamilton and Miles Silvas. Their new spirit animal professional skateboards are available from NOTE now.

Check Miles Silvas' ridiculous PLA x Thrasher part too.

HUF Classic H tour video

Here's the video round up of the HUF Classic H Tour that came to Manchester a couple of weeks ago and also stopped in London, Cardiff and Leeds. Head to the Vague website to see photos from the events. .