Sonata is a new video composed by Skateboard Cafe and their band of Sam Nobbs, Ollie Lock, Francis Peters, Dom Henry, Korahn Gayle, Josh Arnott, Harry Ogilvie, Shaun Currie, Savannah Stacey Keenan and Layth Sami.


Sirens is the new video from Hotel Blue featuring Nate Grzechowiak, Ish Diallo, Charles Deschamps, Kalman Ocheltree, Luca Ettore and Juan Virues.

Atlantic Drift Moscow

Kick Back

Kick Back features Spitfire team riders including Etienne Gagne, Dustin Henry, Diego Todd, Ty Peterson, Dane Barker, Nick Michel and Chris Milic skateboarding in Canada.

Lakai Manchester

Lakai have brought back the popular Lakai Manchester shoe along with T shirts and sweatshirts which are all available from now.

CONS Case Study

The Converse CONS Case Study collection by Sage Elsesser and Bobby Dekeyzer brings some vintage Converse designs out of the archives and on to skateboarders. The Case Study pack is available from NOTE now.

Kyron Davis MegaMix

Check out the Kyron Davis MegaMix video by Will Miles showing him growing from skatepark kid to euro flow through to going pro for Numbers. Kyron's debut professional skateboard is available from NOTE now.

Chocolate x Modernica

Chocolate skateboards and Modernica have crafted a new collection which is available from NOTE now. Featuring classic bikes illustration by Evan Hecox on decks, Tees, a windbreaker, and Modernica’s Side Shell Spyder Chair and Case Study Ceramics pot.


"In South London an elite force of men terrorise the streets. Step into a world of violence, chaos and carnage. Step into the world of BLOKES."

A film by Ed Hubert and  starring Jake Snelling, Craig Questions, Jack Lammas and Dan Singer.

The limited edition Blokes T shirt is available from NOTE now.

Street Safari