Tony Da Silva remix

Pre-prestige Tony Da Silva straight up gangster footage remixed by Swift Blazer in this Land Shark Crew edit.

Nike SB P-Rod Dunk High

After ten signature Nike SB shoes Paul Rodriguez has worked on a new Dunk High quickstrike inspired by his passion for boxing and his Mexican-American heritage. This Dunk P-Rod is available in store and online from NOTE now.  

Earth Goblin premiere

Be Free

Be Free is Real skateboards team mates Ishod Wair and Kyle Walker joint video filmed while travelling and skating with their friends. 

Bronze 2020 Official Promo

Bronze 56K start 2020 with an Official Promo video. Featuring Mark Humienik, Bert, Ian McGraw, Fred Gall, Dick Rizzo, Grady Smith, Will Marshall, Jordan Trahan, Adrian Vega, Danny Dip, Buggy, Jacopo Carozzi, Brendan Carroll, Tyler Pacheco, Brad Cromer, Cuz, Nick Matthews, Dane Barker, Chachi, John Shanahan, Shaun Paul, Big Mike, Dougie, Joseph Delgado, Shawn Powers, Rob Gonyon, Kevin Davis, Billy Mcfeely, Jed Anderson, Phil Rodriguez and Josh Wilson.

Nike SB x Poets

Jamal Smith Pro

Palace skateboards have turned Jamal Smith pro and made this video taking him back to his hometown skatepark in Ithaca, New York. Jamal's debut decks are available from NOTE now.

Prestige part 2

Prestige This Time It's War is so powerful it has to be watched in two halves. Get yourselves ready because here is the second part of Tony Da Silva's masterpiece. Big up Vague and Shank for finally getting it from Tone's computer to the internet. Happy New Year!

Prestige part 1

50% of Tony Da Silva's first multi format feature length film is finally online now. 3 years after the premiere and 12 years after filming first started. Find out the full story behind Prestige over at Vague and stay tuned for part 2.

Arbitrary Function