Go Skateboarding Day Manchester 2018

Nike SB x NOTE Manchester Go Skateboarding Day 2018

Nike SB are kindly hooking us up this year for the Manchester Go Skateboarding Day. Join us in front of NOTE Thomas Street from 6pm Thursday 21st June where there will be skateboarding, challenges, giveaways, prizes and free food and drink courtesy of Chef 'n' baker.

Primitive Never video

Zion Wright's Real Part

Real skateboards have just pumped out a new part from their new pro Zion Wright

Sotto Torchio video

Sotto Torchio is a project from Carhartt WIP, a brief glance and Grey skate mag. Joe Gavin, Joseph Biais, Jonas Skroder, Mauro Caruso, Michal Juras spent eight days in Italy visiting four different top quality wineries, with wine-tasting in the morning and skating in the afternoon. Pick up a copy of the accompanying Sotto Torchio magazine for free from NOTE while stocks last.

Diamond Supply Co 2018 European Tour

Mark Gonzales OG Real to Reel

Here's the original premiere edit of Mark Gonzales' Real to Reel section from the Real skateboards 2001 video. 

MemoryScreen Mark Gonzales

We're all big fans of Mark Gonzales here at NOTE. Wish the Gonz a happy 50th birthday and enjoy this video remix from Memory Screen.

Jamie Foy's Spitfire part

Jamie Foy hasn't slowed up since winning the 2017 Skater Of The Year and bangs out yet another hammer packed part for Spitfire wheels. Lookout for his new professional wheels in NOTE soon.

Dickies introduce Jamie Foy

Dickies have put together a video featruing the whole Dickies team to welcome Jamie Foy to the squad. Featuring Vincent Alvarez, Zack Wallin, Jake Hayes, Peter Hewitt, Allysha Le, Ronnie Sandoval, Jake Johnson, Tom Knox and the 2017 Skater Of The Year.

Yes Fam! Recut

Jack Brooks has recut this footage of Yes Fam! featuring Jak Pietryga, Tyrone O’Hanrahan and Paco in London and Paris.